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A New Group of Morons


Well, not a new group, just a new group to be exposed here. I’ve alluded to them in connection to other morons, but not directly. They are enviro-nazies. Enviro-nazies are not concerned for the environment, no, not in the least. If they were, they would encourage drilling for oil. Here’s why. That’s right, that’s a .gov web page. Oil and natural gas is leaking to the surface off the coast and inland of the Santa Barbara coast in California, right down the street from UC Santa Barbara. You won’t see this mentioned anywhere in the mainstream media, especially since the BP debacle in The Gulf. Instead, look at this search. Go ahead, pick one, I dare you.

Do you understand now why I say they’re not concerned for the environment? This is another example of nature polluting itself, and we can’t even do anything about it because some squealing, whining bunch of enviro-nazies see to it that drilling in these areas is outlawed.

Of course, if the oil companies were owned by the government they would not say a damned thing.

No, couldn’t say a damned thing, because that same government would own their rights, too. They don’t see that, so, they are morons, morons lacking common sense.

Well, Here We Go Again


Yet more clueless morons for me to rip. Ya’ gotta love it. The latest college trend is Eyeballing. Cool, huh? From what ophthalmologists say this is a very stupid practice. It doesn’t take a physician to tell me that, just a sprinkle of good old common sense should be all that’s needed. It’s like this, alcohol doesn’t just kill brain cells producing the the desired (why?) drunk state, it also destroys all other types of cells, too. Including the ones that your friggen’ eyes are made of! Common sense. There are not only short term effects, like pain, but also long term ones like blindness. Again, common sense.

So, why would they do this? These people are in college, I would hope getting more than an education in basket weaving, philosophy, womens studies, gay studies, astrology and any number of other courses guaranteed to land you a fine career. Right. Oh, let’s not forget the sports jocks that only got enrolled because they can, “Play a Game”. Obviously colleges don’t teach things like, oh, I don’t know, common-fucking-sense!

So you may ask, what prompts these morons to partake in this activity? A couple of things come to mind:

They know this is detrimental to their eye health, but college indoctrinated them to believe Mommy Government will be there for them if they become partially or completely blind due to this stupid behavior.

Think it’s cool to stand the pain while getting drunk in this way. Hey, moron, there’s pain because it’s causing damage!

I say again, the morons are in college! COLLEGE! Just what is being taught in college these days? Like most unions, is it even good for anything anymore beyond destroying society?

These people, and I use that term loosely, are our future. That said, I hope you have or can get knowledge concerning living off the land, without any help from anyone. Because you sure as hell can’t count on any help from these morons in your future, because these morons have a total lack of common sense and will not survive, themselves.

At least the gene pool will be cleansed, once and for all.

Some things are kind of creapy


You know that? Some say it’s clowns. It may be the way that panhandler looks at you when you decline giving them money. The way the “over-dressed” guy in the pretend sports car looks at you at a stop light. Or perhaps the worse, the way that person in the mirror looks back at you after a, shall we say, exciting night.

So why is this in the Amateur Radio archives? Because there are some excessively creapy people that are the proto-typical guy-in-mommies-basement-waring-only-briefs jamming other people he knows nothing about. You QSY, he follows, change bands, he follows. Unless it’s 160M, in which case he’s hosed because mommy won’t let him put up an antenna that big. I mean really, what kind of creap does this? Well, let me don my profiler hat, as it were, and tell you. They are the same creap that molests children or rapes people.

“Oh, come on Jack, that’s over the top”. Uh, no, it’s not. Think about it. There are two kinds of jammers, one might do it once or twice in bordom or to someone they don’t like a couple of times and then get over it. They may also do it as a “practical joke”, fess up and that’s the end. These aren’t legal, we know that, but in the end are harmless.

Then there is that creap I’m talking about. They jam relentlessly, you can’t get away. They are usually knowledgeable about propagation and the “Ignore It” policy, so they know when they’re being successful. But why? Simple, just like rape, it’s power over another. Rape is not about sex, it’s about power. The little man that rapes a helpless woman feels powerless in some way in his life, so, he attempts to get some power through rape. A little creap that is a malicious jammer is no different, it’s a matter of extremes. No difference at all. They are also cowards.

And morons, that need to have some common sense raped into their pathetic little reptilian brains.

Gigolos for sale…


One of the pitfalls of fully automated advertising. I like to make sure I don’t use a word that does not apply, like while researching data for You can have it all… In this case “gigolo”. Here is what I got on a dictionary website, it seems to cover the cost of hosting their free dictionary they offer ad-space for certain services:

You can have it all…


Just ask Noel Biderman, founder of, a dating service for people, and I use that term loosely, searching for an extramarital affair. Read some of the excuses posed as quotes from here. Yes, they are excuses, all of them. I also have a question regarding the name, who the hell is Ashley Madison? Here, let me tell you, because he won’t ‘fess up. It’s called subliminal messaging, it’s to legitimize and increase extramarital affairs by women, so they can have it all, too. Men doing it is not enough, now we have to have both genders screwing up their marriages. Yup, a real piece of work.

Look, if sex is really that important to you and you really think the mythical conditions called Blue-Balls or Vag-Cramps are a real medical problem, get a damn divorce, moron. Anything else is an excuse. If you are in a sexless marriage quit blaming your spouse, she/he is probably sick and tired of your behavior or of being ignored.

Turn off the Game, put away the sixpack, go on a diet, quit belching in public or whatever else it takes to get her interested in you again. I’m not through, ladies, turn off Opra, put away the bon-bons, go on a diet, quit nagging in public and private or whatever else it takes to get him interested in you again.

If that doesn’t work, I don’t think even Dr. Phil can help, get a divorce and quit making excuses for an affair. This is all common sense.

As for that piece of work, Biderman, I’ve got an opinion for him, too. As far as I’m concerned, he is no better than a pimp. There it is, it had to be said. That’s right, a pimp, for both the Johns and Janes, the prostitute and the gigolo. He is just blurring the lines and in the deal the prostitutes and gigolos get noting in return. At least a street walker gets something from the deal. Again, common sense.

I’ve got a website in the works myself and probably won’t make near as much money. But you know what? I can go through life with a clear conscience knowing I’m not taking money for being a tool used to screw up potentially salvageable marriages. I also don’t have to spend thirty minutes on a talk show jabbering in circles while trying to legitimize my business model as somehow ethical and desperately needed by society.

Hey, Biderman, get a clue, a conscience and common sense, you moron.

Viva Los Republic Monetary Exchange!


I heard about this on a regional radio station, KFI 640 in Los Angeles. It seems that Jim Clark, CEO of Republic Monetary Exchange in Phoenix, Az got hassled over a shirt he wore to a Suns game because it was in contention with the Suns owners opinion regarding Az. SB-1070. I’m not cutting and pasting a respected business publication, so please patronize the Phoenix Business Journal and read it there instead. By the way, what’s not mentioned due to editorial space, is that the  U. S. Airways Center is a taxpayer supported venue. OOPS! Do you, as I do,  see a conflict of interest here?

After that, if you are in the market for precious metals and other monetary services, and especially if you are also a resident of Arizona, visit Republic Monetary Exchange, I know I will! Tell them Amateur Radio station NO6L and, in support of Az. SB-1070, sent you.

I promise, more will follow regarding AB-1070, but this was more important in my view due to the freedom of speech issues.

By the way, anyone that does not support Az. SB-1070 is a moron of epic proportions with absolutely no common sense whatsoever. How is that for freedom of speech?



No, this is not a critique of the movie Signs, though I could take that apart equally as well. No, this is about this piece of work. he thinks it is all okay to hijack other peoples information through signage. Throughout his whole article he never mentions that one should get permission to alter private or public signage. Until the very end when prodded, then he cops out with “I’m respecting my readers by working with the assumption they have a level of intelligence and common sense. Because I think that’s a nice, respectable place to start from”.

Yeah, right. How about respecting other peoples property? I say this, because I can’t think of a private, public or government entity that would be okay with changing their signage.

I’m also going to go out on a limb and assume he’s an environmentalist. Now, I don’t have a problem with this, per se. That’s his right, but, the changing of street signs will cause people to drive in circles, wasting fuel trying to figure out where they are and/or need to be. Then, what of the plastic that lays around for decades that these modifications are made of when frustrated sign owners rip them down and throw them away? You see, with him being a “responsible” environmentalist he knows that already, but hey, you’ve got to “Crack some eggs to make an omelet”, right. That, however, makes him an Enviro-Nazi, who’s other motto is, “Do as I say, not as I do”.

It also makes him a moron without a lick of common sense.

It’s not long now…


You know those science fiction movies and books who’s plot lines center around or includes how information is controlled? And, there are information “rebels” that inhabit an underground within the Internet or other information vehicle. Yeah, I know, it can’t happen, right? Have you noticed the occasional removal of information in favor of something more “current”. Yeah, so have I. Now, I know many people, especially those of you on the Web, have a short attention span, so tough it out and read this. Pay particular attention to paragraph 11.

I’m not joking, I heard this piece of work open his pie hole and say that. After reading it,  Obama Leg Humpers, will ask “What the big deal is.”? Well, for them, who have a particularly hard time digesting anything not spoon fed to them by the Alphabet Media, let me help. Here are some interesting pull quotes. You noticed I linked some key words, I’d suggest you learn them, because I have and you don’t want got left behind.

“…You’re coming of age in a 24/7 media environment that bombards us with all kinds of content and exposes us to all kinds of arguments, some of which don’t always rank all that high on the truth meter…”

In the first quote he states that some information is not truthful. Fine, but my demand is, who decides? Would that be truth only suitably acceptable for public consumption? Whole truth, or only partial? Partial would be for “our own good”, of course.

“…information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation…”

Information is empowerment, true, and I suppose it can also be said it can emancipate you, and at times, be distracting. That’s all fine and good, but who should be the one to decide if some information is a distraction and some is not? I’m sure he has an idea who that is, through “Fairness Doctrine” V 2.0 and “Net Neutrality”. By planting a “subtle” seed in the minds of these students, he attempts to indoctrinate them in a “subtle” way. “Subtly” put that in your Progressive Liberal Democrat Party-Pipe and smoke it.

“All of this is not only putting new pressures on you, it is putting new pressures on our country and on our democracy.”

Oh, so much pressure, how will the helpless urchins ever survive? But that’s not my concern with this pull, it’s the fact he calls our form of government a Democracy. Sorry, it’s not. It was never meant to be. The Ancient Greeks had one, look where it got them. Invaded by, yes, their equivalent of illegal aliens and then weakened to the point that the Roman Empire walked in and took possession of them without a significant fight. Our Founders were students of history, and formed a Republic. Why a Republic? It’s alluded to, but not spoken of outright, in our founding documents. In a nutshell, to build a sabotaging element into our governmental system to keep it slowed so it can’t grow at an unchecked rate. There is one problem with it and that is that people will vote for leaders that will bring home “the goods”, like Welfare and other freebies. Then, you end up with a government that grows unchecked, like we have today. The good thing is, it is hard to permanently damage it.

“…It could only work if each of us stayed informed and engaged, if we held our government accountable, if we fulfilled the obligations of citizenship…”

This one is an outright lie. He does not want us “informed and engaged”, and he sure doesn’t want anyone to hold his “government accountable”. His words and actions belies what he speaks through his behavior against the Tea Party Movement and Arizona’s new immigration policies. Lastly, “obligations of citizenship”. People are trying to fulfill their obligations, by peacefully demonstrating against their government “in redress of grievances”.

Once again, no comments regarding him being a moron, he’s not. He filled a vacuum created by morons. I’m not speaking of “Bush 41”, though he came to mind. I’m pointing the Searchlight of Truth at those of you who even after recent history still support him. You are all morons in desperate need of a “Common Sense” implant. Thanks to you, government control of our information, for our own good of course, is not far off.

Some interesting “reads” from the science fiction genre regarding this article.

Frank Herberts “The Tactful Saboteur“. Points to sabotage to keep government in check rather than a multilevel government elected by constituents.

William Gibsons “Neuromancer” and “Johnny Mnemonic”.

The Net, campy in places, like when she’s on the beach using her laptop, in direct sunlight.

Tedious and campy “Hackers”.

“The Matrix” trilogy also comes to mind, but takes the concept to the extreme. Rather than living in an “Informational Underground”, the protagonist and his allies live in a “civilizational” underground as well.

You know…


… what gives me a case of Red Ass, and a migraine, when I’m not even prone to getting them in the first place? People who can’t spell and/or use proper grammar, on purpose, in particular, on the Internet. They think it’s all cool to use “teh” instead of “the”, “ur” instead of “you’re” and “your”, and, use “lete speak”, “L3t3 Sp3ak” for example, ad nauseam.

Don’t forget “LOL”, “LULZ”, peppered everywhere in their prose. Look, it’s okay to use “BTW” in an afterthought or post script situation, but damn, every time?

They also use run-on sentences, sans punctuation, looking like they can’t tell you the difference between a comma, period, question mark or semicolon and how to use them.

Hey, dimwits! “There”, “their” and “they’re” all sound the same when spoken aloud, but you don’t use “there”, or worse yet, “ther” and “thr” for all of them. The same goes for “your” and “you’re”.

And, why, why in the name of all that is good and normal, do they absolutely refuse to use proper capitalization. Not one single word in any sentence is properly capitalized. Then there is the other type, the ones that capitalize everything. No, wait, I can tell you, they’re fricken lazy. Then there are the ones that do use proper capitalization, except with their own name or the word “I”. That’s not laziness, they want to sound humble and unselfish, to the point that they sound stupid. It’s not humble, it’s bad grammar. No one thinks you’re pompous or self centered when you properly capitalize “I” and your own name, they think you sound intelligent.

Hey, idiots, it’s not “Me and Joe went to the bar”. It’s “Joe and I went to the bar”. How do you decide? Simple, which sounds more intelligent, “Me went to the bar”, or “I went to the bar”? And it’s just plain good etiquette to place “I” after all others in a list of names that includes yourself. And don’t even get in my face with “What if your name is in a list that is alphabetized”? That is, unless you want to incur my fricken wrath!

Finally, you know what pisses me off, it makes me want to take an ice pick to my eyes? Seeing these gaffs that a second grader could spot in a New York Minute in a printed publication or on line in a web site associated with one. For example, the Los Angeles Times, New York Times or San Diego Union. Let me ask this one last question, what do they all have in common? Answer, they’re all liberally, in particular, “progressive liberal” biased.

So, if you are going to take the trouble and time to type out a new thread or reply to an existing one, please, at least, have the courtesy to respect our intelligence and use proper grammar. The only exception would be someone not fluent in my language. On the contrary, I’m honored. I can tell you’re doing your best and will muddle through without complaint. All others? Well, one word; “owned”.