We Are In Grave Danger


Who is in danger? Why all of us, the Earth and every life form on it. I would think we don’t have a chance, what with all the UFOs bumping into it. No, it didn’t start with the Roswell thing, an earlier example was the Aurora, Texas, UFO incident. This “airship” collided with a “windmill”. Witnesses said “It was flying around all day and was obviously damaged because it was only going 10 or 12 miles an hour before it hit the tower. The body recovered was claimed to have been not of this world”. Instead of just concluding it is true, let’s look at this logically. Far more likely it was an early blimp filled with hydrogen with a small gasoline engine for propulsion. After it collided with the tower the poor pilots body would have been so burnt and mangled anyone of that time could easily conclude it was from another planet. Throw into the whole episode the fact that H.G. Wells was publishing very well written science fiction stories at the time and you have a complete UFO crash story ready to go. Sound familiar? Yeah, you guessed it, Roswell.

You still think these are real? Consider this. Say you are in charge of an exploration team and the aircraft crash lands in an unexplored area inhabited by non technical people. Would you mount a rescue mission, retrieve as much of the aircraft and equipment as possible and try not to “contaminate” their culture? Or, just forget about the whole incident and leave your equipment and crew there to fend for themselves. If Roswell were real, there is no way we could have hidden their spacecraft anywhere on Earth from them and equally there is no way we could have kept them from taking it back. I suppose we could have peacefully returned it, and in exchange, they gave us, to them, very obsolete technology as a gift for our cooperation. Yeah, that would be cool, but I really doubt that is what went down.

Maybe you cite all the technical advances since “Roswell”. Sorry, doesn’t “fly”, either. There is this little thing you are forgetting called Moores Law. Simply, it states that computer power doubles every eighteen months, take or give. And it’s been happening since the invention of the first electron tube digital computers, not the Roswell incident. This also goes for all technology.

UFO enthusiasts always cite the fact that police and military pilots, both trained in observational skills, also see them. One thing they ignore is that they are human, too, with their own potential misconceptions.

So, just where do I get the title of this piece? Very simple, if the Earth is such a hazard to spacecraft from other planets, we are in a lot of trouble. Think about it, they fly hundreds, thousands maybe millions of light-years just to collide with it, over and over. I can only conclude one of four things:

1. The Earth is some kind of UFO magnet space hazard. You better hope it’s not this one.

2. These guys are smart enough to build space craft capable of interstellar flight but are incapable of properly navigating them.

3. They are ours and are misidentified by people that see what they want to see.

4. They are natural phenomena and are misidentified by people that, you guessed it, see what they want to see.

Now, I myself have seen things in the sky I could not identify that were not natural. But in the end, I also absolutely know for a fact they were not from another planet. You see, the human race suffers from a double edge sword. We are able to create very entertaining drama, but we can also be swayed by it to ignore logic. I hope I didn’t ruin your day to badly if you are a believer in these myths, but if so, it’s too bad. That’s the way it goes.

How Can They Do This?


Journalists, that’s who. And how do they keep their jobs? Not only the journalists, but the editors that are supposed to proof read and fact check what the journalist submits as news or even opinions. I read newspapers, mostly for entertainment by seeing how many gross violations of grammar and spelling rules and false or incomplete facts I can find. And trust me, I am very entertained. It’s amazing they manage to stay in business. Oh, wait, there’s at least a newspaper publisher a month that arrives in bankruptcy court, so I guess they can’t.

Anyway, I’m going to use an opinion column for my example because they are the worst when it comes to grammar, spelling and fact checking. And in this example, the author, and I use that term loosely, makes the case against his own argument in fine fashion. I had to read it twice to be sure he wasn’t being sarcastic, but alas, he was quite sincere. Kind of sad actually, and entertaining. I will make my point in the Letter to the Editor, with amusing header that was not sent, instead of reiterating.

To: Editor of Time Magazine
From: Palomar Jack, Jacks Notes (http://www.palomarjack.wordpress.com)

Subject: Fareed Zakaria’s factual blunder, bias by omission and plagiarism.
Suggested Remedy: Can his butt (like that’ll happen).

In regards to Fareed Zakaria’s column in the 8/20/12 edition, he omitted the fact that most of those US states and jurisdictions where gun violence occur have the tightest gun control. Also, he didn’t mention that most of those nations with very tight gun control, including Great Britain, are in a near constant state of riot, home invasion and strong-arm robbery. Then shoots himself in the foot, as it were, by saying non-gun related crime in the US has been dropping over the past decades, then says guns have been easier to access during that time. What? I guess he wouldn’t have had this problem if he hadn’t lifted parts of his submission from a fellow liberal. He didn’t check the facts I mentioned above anyway, so I doubt it.

Chuck R.
Tehachapi, Ca

Judging by how very heavily left biased all the rest of their content is,  I doubt they will print it. That’s why it’s also presented here, with the rest of my wit, comments and occasional wisdom. I would also invite Time Magazine and Mr. Zakaria to a VIP butt kicking with the Boot of Common Sense.

Note: None of this posting has been plagiarized from any other source, conservative, left wing loser or otherwise.

It’s Been a While


About a year to be exact. My wife and I are moved into our own place, that we don’t have to rent. It rocks not having a landlord hovering over your shoulder. And living in a primarily Conservative county and community does, too. No government agencies telling us:

  • Don’t burn wood for heat.
  • Don’t park your car on bare dirt.
  • Don’t park an unregistered car on your own property.
  • Don’t park a non-working car on your own property.
  • Don’t put up an antenna over forty feet high.
  • Don’t let your friend/family member park their RV on your own property and live in it for a week or two.

God damn, is there anything you can do in Los Angeles County and Antelope Valley with your own property? Oh, before I forget, if you have your own water well they want to stick a water meter on it as soon as they figure out a law to ram through over some holiday weekend, just like the ‘Crat Party morons do in DC. That way, not only do you have to pay for the electricity to get the water out of the ground and upkeep of the well, they want to bill you for the water, too. So, when we had the money to purchase our own property, we “voted with our wallet”, as it were, and moved away from that hell-hole to Tehachapi in Kern County. And if it were not for our family that needs to stay in California, we would have left this crap state as well. So, this will have to do.

Which brings me to my next topic, hatred of the wealthy. I’m going to take this time to stick it in the eye of those that hate the wealthy. We bought our acre and a quarter with a 3 by 2 house and a good sized detached garage all set up to be used as a two room shop, with it’s own half bath.

Cool, huh? Just what I always wanted, in the town I always wanted to live in, cash. 100% down, nothing to pay later. You piss ant wealth haters can pound sand and take my carbon footprint in your ass and smoke it. So now you’ve got one more person to hate, me.

What brought this on? Well, this YouTube video to start with. These two clowns think rich people suck. Okay, that’s their opinion, now here’s mine. To start with, rich people are allowing them to post this whiny crap on their own web site. I’m also betting rich people sell them electricity to run their cheesy pre-assembled appliance computers to edit that video, not to mention the rich people that engineered camera. You know, come to think about it, I’m thinking rich people sell them gasoline to put in their little Smart Car, or whatever. And then, stop by the medical marijuana store and use their EBT card to score some bud while on their way to the computer store to buy yet more pre-assembled computer crap, from yet another rich person, that sucks. What’s more, have a look at the comments. Seems they’re in good company. Yup, more than 75% of the comments are made by petty little people that think if someone has something they don’t, they suck.

Actually, I stumbled on that piece of tripe disguised as a YouTube video while looking for this one. Now I’m no music critic, and Ms Blacks style isn’t exactly my thing. Frankly I find the video a bit annoying, but at least she’s got the “stones” to get out there and take a chance.

Now, take a look at the comments here. I’d say that over 75% of them are childish insults and expressions of hatred, not only at her, but the wealthy in general. Things like accusing her of having rich parents, like that’s some kind of insult in itself. Also, she’s spoiled, a bitch, ugly, etc., etc. It’s a virtual cornucopia of petty envy and stupidity. And if you are one of them and don’t know what a cornucopia is, too damn bad. Turn off your cheesy little computer you bought pre-assembled at Best Buy and pick up a dictionary. I’m not paid enough to teach you grammar.

But I digress, this is nothing more than petty jealousy; If her parents are wealthy, they got it on the backs of the poor. If she’s pretty, she got it on the backs of the ugly. If she’s talented, she got it on the backs of the untalented. They have nothing nice to say about anyone that has something they don’t because they are too lazy to achieve anything of any value on their own. The Nanny State should provide all, and whatever it doesn’t, no one else should have that either. And if they do, it was “ill gotten” and they should be ridiculed, stigmatized and put in prison, if at all possible. Like it’s been said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Like I said, I’m not paid enough to teach you left wing losers a God damned thing, except a dose of common sense, if at all possible.

Hey, Let’s Use Free Fuel in Our Cars!


That’s right, we are idiots when there are scads of people out there doing just that. They are cracking Hydrogen from water on the fly to inject into the intake system of their cars and getting amazing results. Okay, I’m sold, what do I need to do? Well, first let’s break down what has to be done and also see if there are any ramifications.

First, I need electricity to crack the Hydrogen. Ultimately that’s the job of the alternator. I see a problem already, it’s only about 50% efficient. Our good hearted friends correct this discrepancy and throw a PWM, Pulse Width Modulated, power supply into the circuit. It’s job is to increase and regulate the energy being sent to the cracker. Yes, they call it a “booster”, but on my site I call it what it is. This results in a greater voltage which results in greater total energy delivered to the cracker, double the voltage, quadruple the power. But wait, what about that pesky 50% loss in the alternator? If you were using say 50 watts of energy to crack the Hydrogen at 14 volts, it would jump to 200 watts at 28.  Oh, yeah, but now you’re using 400 watts of mechanical energy to get that 200. “But what about the PWM regulator? That will raise efficiency”. Wrong, it consumes it, of the 200 watts it delivers, only about 190 makes it to the cracker.

Next, we need to get our Hydrogen into the intake manifold so it will be delivered to the cylinders to be burned. In it’s simplest form, you just let it “flow” into the intake system. There’s all kinds of other gadgets that they add, computer controlled stuff, which itself consumes even more energy, but in the end it just gets dumped into the combustion chambers. That’s simple, let’s role with that. Okay, let’s do. I can see a small issue right here, gasoline requires a 14.6:1 air/fuel ratio. That means for every gallon of fuel you will use 14.6 gallons of atmosphere, if it were liquid. Hydrogen, however needs a 2:1 Oxygen/fuel mixture. Our atmosphere is composed of, rounded off, 20%. So, for an engine that is engineered for 100% Hydrogen fuel, you need about a 10:1 air/fuel ratio. Oh how sad, the engine management and intake system were engineered for 14.6:1, now you are dumping Hydrogen in that needs 10:1, what happens to the Hydrogen. Here, let me make it short and sweet; Nothing. I it gets shoved right out the exhaust manifold unburned because there was only a 14.6:1 ratio and not 10:1. Oh, it does do something, it gets burned in the catalytic converter and is expelled as water vapor, just what you started with in the first place.

So, you used valuable petroleum fuel to generate electricity that was use to crack Hydrogen from water, send it into the intake of the engine just to be piped into catalytic converter to be converted back into water. Slick move there Johnson, now you’re showing Big Oil who the genius is.

There’s some other very viable options to more efficiently crack the Hydrogen, maybe even to be able to run the vehicle on 100% Hydrogen. First we’ve got to work on that efficiency think though. Remember, hydrogen needs a 10:1 air/fuel ratio and gasoline needs 14.6:1, round up to 15:1. That means it will take, ignoring the fact that Hydrogen has a much lower thermal efficiency, 15 gallons of Hydrogen for every 10 gallons of gasoline.

Okay, what is the cool “other viable options”? Simple, radiation. Radiation will crack hydrogen from water without using electrodes and other lossy gadgets. So how much are we talking about? I’m not a nuclear physicist, but seeing as how some modest, say what you’d find at Three Mile Island only produces it as a by product, something about that size would be sufficient. Oh, how sad, you need a huge reactor to crack enough Hydrogen to drive your care around on. Uh, why not just use the electricity from it to charge a battery in the vehicle instead?

Then you’ve got the real geniuses. They proclaim that you can use the magnetron from a microwave oven for the radiation source. Uh yeah… no. That is a different kind of radiation there, Einstein. The kind found in a nuclear reactor is called, wait for it… Ionizing Radiation, much more energetic. The magnetron in moms oven you want to cannibalize only produces Radio Frequency Radiation. All it will do is boil the water in the cracker. So, what are you going to do with that, burn the steam that results?

Now, I’m not some big bad Big Oil free energy shooter-downer debunker. I’m just some guy with a web log, and a brain. And, I know how to use it. So, what’s behind all this Free Hydrogen Energy bullcrap. Here, let me help you again, Money. The same thing as Big Oil. But at least Big Oil sells something useful, albeit at a high price, no thanks to the near 50% total taxes we pay on it. But at least gasoline actually has a purpose after making the oil companies rich, these Free Hydrogen Energy schemes serve no purpose other than making the people selling it rich with no returns to the “customer” whatsoever. And if you think you see some kind of a positive improvement, I can tell you how. You see it because you want to. You spent valuable time and money on something with the promise of “sticking to the man”, and by God it works because you did it. This is what is known in medical parlance as a Placebo Affect and in this case with a very heavy dose of arrogance.

Finally, your car that you’re jacking around with trying to make it run on Hydrogen at some level, already does. Hydro-car-bons, that would be Hydrogen atoms bonded to Carbon atoms. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Now, go ahead, call me a “hater”, I could frankly give a ratts ass. I’ve been called worse, far worse by my drill instructors 30 some odd years ago and I survived that. But if you believe in this Hokus-Pokus Free Energy Ripoff, you may not be a hater, but you are most definitely a moron.

He’s Done It Again…


Yes, Nero in Chief once again opened his mouth during his boring State of the Union Speach to show us exactly what his goals for our nation is; collapse. He said it, not me. And I quote, “… we will rise and fall together… “. I know, I know, “Don’t take it out of context” says the neutered left. Here’s a thought, instead of making excuses for this Marxist loser, why can’t the left wing morons see him for what he is. It’s as plain as the nose on their faces.

Not that I’m a conspiracy nut, well, maybe a little bit when it comes to my liberties and survival, but after a few days, I can’t seem to find a transcript that still has the “… we will rise and fall together… ” passage still in it. Odd. Oh well, I guess some things can be “unsaid” in The land of Obamma.

No, I’m not done yet, he also managed to brown nose the illegal aliens, yet again. “… no matter if your family arrived by Ellis Island, slave ships, or the Rio Grande…”. As an aside, for such a progressive Marxist loser, he sure managed to improperly pronounce “Rio Grande” for our “Friends” south of the boarder. Real sensitive there, “mi presidente”. Not only that, but I can’t think of anyone I know that arrived on a slave ship. I know he didn’t, he’s too young. So just what the hell was he babbling about? But I digress, once again he manages to put on display his Nero-ist agenda, in shockingly clear fashion. If you think this still does not expose his real agenda, well, you are blind and deaf, very blind and deaf.

Now, why would he want to make it very easy for illegal aliens to get into and live in our nation? I’ve covered it before, but for you progressive Marxists, I’ll repeat it here so you won’t be burdened with clicking on the Search link to find it for yourselves; If you schmooze these South of the Boarder Criminals, just like Nero  and his contemporaries did in ancient Rome, they will support Obamma and his left wing losers in government,  just like in Ancient Rome, and it will contribute to our collapse, just like Ancient Rome. In short, more, former or present, illegal alien votes means more power. And they also know that because illegal aliens are not well educated, especially in English, they will simply vote for Obamma and the ‘Crat Party without question. The health of out nation does not matter, only the retention of power matters. “The ends justify the means”.

There it is, like I said, “Plain as the nose on your faces”.

My Plans for Earth Day


Which, only coincidentally I’m sure, falls on the dead soviet dictator, Vladimir Lenins birthday (4/22).  One way I’m celebrating is by moving into my house with my wife, that we bought, in the honor of capitalism, in cash. And in just about the most Conservative county in occupied California, Kern County. Cool, huh!

So I’ve got several things to celebrate, here. Moving into my own home, the birth of a leader of a completely failed political concept, Marxism/Communism and a warm-and-fuzzy-feel-good-imaginary-holiday for envrio-nazies. Like Christmas, I’m going to turn on lights to do it, incandescent lights, the most inefficient around. Like Earth Hour, I replace every gay ass CFL with a plain old incandescent lightbulb and turn them on all day. And as I stand there, I think to myself, “Self, that’s not enough, there must be more. So, I also turn my refrigerator as cold as it will go, the hot water heater as hot as it will go and turn on the TV and all of my Amateur Radio gear even if I don’t intend on using them. And yet still, there’s something missing. What could it be? Ah! That’s it, the headlights on my two SUVs are not on. This will not do. But wait, the batteries will got dead. Yeah, that’d make you left wing losers happy, would it not? It would serve me right. But alas, being adept in the “Electronic Arts”, as it were, I’m ahead of you. I could just attach a battery charger to them to fix the problem, but what kind of bloated carbon footprint would that produce? Anemic, at best. Besides,  I’ve got better things to do than run some extension cord out to my vehicles. So, my plan here is to drive them to the gas station, top off the tanks and run the engines while the lights are on. I think I’ll even put up my old fashioned incandescent Christmas lights, too.

Yes, my yard is going to produce a carbon footprint that will offset the efforts of at least ten moronic left wing enviro-nazies attempt to “save the planet”. Come evening time, it will be a sight to behold! So you enviro-nazies have a lot of work ahead of you saving all kinds of energy and resources so I can execute my celebration of freedom, liberty and capitalism buy spending money however I damn well please.

Happy Earth Day, morons.

Fox News Is The Devil


At least that’s what the collective intelligence, which just about equals about an IQ of 75, of Media Matters would have you believe. You see, what really pisses them off is that for the most part they are not yes-men of the current regim… er… administration like all the rest of the Alphabet Networks. That is unforgivable and really sticks in their craw. Having just one relevant network that does no tow the line really puts a crimp in their agenda.

And as far as you left wing weenie morons that think Fox should be taken off the air, tell me, what’s next. Would it not be a shame if all the news that is also uncontrolled on line were removed, through Net Neutrality? Yeah, be careful what you wish for, moron, you’ll get it.

Back to those with IQs in the mid 100s, you may find yourself wondering just what must go through the mind of a left wing weenie. Well, besides excessive amounts of online free porn and canibis, not much. You may ask why with all the evidence against it does liberalism just keep popping up like wack-a-mole targets. It’s very simple, liberalism is a societal virus. It promises all kinds of freebies for nothing  in return. Nothing except your freedom and liberties. You see, a virus has one goal, spread. Even if it means the death of the host, and ultamately the death of every virus contained therein. It does not matter because, “The ends justify the means”. And “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet”.

Even if society fails completely because of the liberal infection, it does not matter as long as the clueless liberal moron gets the freebies he/she thinks they are entitled to.

Earth Hour, Yeah, I Participated


You bet I did. Here’s how; I replaced every energy efficient CFL with a very in-efficient incandescent lightbulb, set my refrigerator to maximum, set the thermostat to 85 degrees, turned on all the yard lights and let ALL of my Amateur Radio gear idle even though I did not intend on using it. And last, but not least, turned on the headlights in both of my cars and started the engines so the batteries would not go dead. I tell you, my yard was a virtual cornucopia of light and CO2 pollution, I was proud.

I did that last year, too.

You see, during Earth Hour I don’t celebrate some moronic anti-global warming warm-and-fuzzy bunch of symbolic crap. I celebrate the achievements of Western Civilization. I celebrate a time when, as Micheal Savage says, the chrome was thick and the women were straight. I celebrate two of my interests, electricity and electronics. Tell me, how the hell can I do that in a darkened room? I can’t, and I won’t.

So, what’s my plans for Vladimir Lenin, the Russian Marxist revolutionaries birthday? Probably the same thing. Now, for you left wing morons, why did I say Lenins birthday? Well, once again, if you did not vote for Obama and do not participate in Earth Hour the “accepted” way, you have an IQ well past 100 and know what is significant about Lenins birthday. It’s April 22. Sound familiar? Yup, Earth Day. My, what coincidence. Anyway, that’s right, for 24 hours I’m going to use more energy than any 10 left wing hippie Earth Firsters can save, because I can, and because I can afford it. That’s right, I’m going to offset the stupidity of at least ten losers by using the energy they save to increase the profits of energy companies, because in my book, they are the real hero’s in the advancement of Western Civilization. Not some left wing weenie morons with too much time on their hands.

Here We Go Again


Let me tell you a story. It is a true story. You see there was this leader that had a few issues. He was very narcissistic, liked to preside over exotic parties, had yes-men by the score and was the leader of a nation that developed the policy to allow anyone past their boarders. The reason for that was those people had no allegiances to their “host” nation and could be counted on for support for the then current leadership. So, what happened to this leader and finally the nation he led?

By the way, I’m speaking in the past tense. It’s the United States under the current regime, in the future. There is your answer. If you thought it was ancient Rome led by Nero and the striking resemblance to the current US administration, good for you. You have an IQ over 100. In fact, it’s probably in the mid hundreds, at least. But if you thought it was Nero and Rome and still didn’t see the similarities, I’m sorry, you are a moron, and don’t rate an IQ above room temperature. No, I made a mistake, I’m not sorry at all. I relish telling morons what they are.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you how I think Obama is a stupid, uninformed dupe easily led about by the ideals of a lazy looser that never held a job a day in his life, that would be Carl Marx. It’s obvious. But what I am going to do is tell you is if you voted and still support this marxist, you are a moron. And an idiot, the useful kind. I saw this coming from the time he opened his pie-hole and spoke at his campaign speeches, in other countries, fake echo and all. And yet you still bought it, hook, line, sinker, rod, real, boat and doc. All because he blabbed on and on about hope, change and freebies for all so you could sit in mommies basement with your internet porn and count on free health care, on my fricken’ dime. Of course his level of melanin helped, but what can you expect from a bunch of useful idiots who act towards what they see rather than read. In this guys case, if a picture is worth a thousand words, you morons were given an entire volume of encyclopedias, with pictures, and you still blew it. I put this at your feet, not his. The warnings were there for all to see, and yet you morons on the left shot, not yourselves, but all of us in the foot.

Yup, here we go again, because “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

Can You Handle True Beauty?


It seems many people can’t. On this one all kinds came out. Everything from Atheist to Zealot. I am truly disappointed in half of the people on the Internet. I only hope they don’t represent half of human population. What do I speak of? Not what, who. Before you click this link, I’m warning you, you may be shocked and even repulsed. Now, who is it? That would be this woman. Now, what did you see? Did you see it? Was it ugliness? Was it a deformed monster? Was it something that should be euthanized and forgotten about? Or did you see a warm smile? Did you see a cheerful personality? Did you see a loving family that accepts her for who, and what she is? Can you accept her for the same?

Or are you one of the dirtbags that are so shallow, arrogant and self centered that you can’t even look past her condition. Are you one of the types like the 50% that commented negatively? Frankly, if you are, you make me want to puke. You know that? Why? Because it leaves a pit in my stomach to know that someone, somehow, genetically related to me, and her, can be so emotionally and intellectually stunted. To put it bluntly you are low, lower than whale shit. Trust me, that’s pretty damn low.

What are some of the comments? Scroll down to have a look. Though not all are, some jack-ball atheist said “This is proof there is no God”. Hey, dimwit, how do you know it’s not irrefutable proof there is God? Review those photos and look at the happiness and joy she spreads just by being alive. When was the last time you did the same rather than trying to put down those that don’t follow your “belief”.

Then we’ve got the beauty zealots. The “If it’s not attractive, put it out of it’s misery” types. As for you retards, can you think of another point in our history when there was a regime that felt the exactly same way you do? Come on, pull your pot infused head out of your ass. Still having a hard time with my question? Try Nazi Germany. They were well on their way to producing the exact culture you’re proposing through your comments. Maybe Beauty Zealot might not be the proper term. Beauty Nazi, ah, now there is a term that fits you well, very well indeed.

There’s one more group of people, and I use that term loosely, that I have to rip on. The ones that make their little schoolyard sex jokes about her anatomy. I really don’t know whether I should pity you, or search you out one by one and kick your ass into adulthood. You think you are just all that when it comes to humor. Truthfully, you would not make a pimple on a comedians ass. Get over it, your jokes were not funny in Grade School and they’re not funny now. On the contrary, they’re every bit as stupid.

You three groups represent the pride that is the moronic portion of our society.

Finally, the rest. The ones that could see her warmth, her smile and her joy of just being alive. Something tells me she feels very fortunate to be in the Western Civilization, as we do. If she’d been born in a Third World country, or worse, we would have never known of her. We celebrate her life and hope she lives a long and meaningful one. Contrary to the atheist above, this young woman represents the face of true beauty that only the likes of an all powerful, all caring Creator can give.