You know…

… what gives me a case of Red Ass, and a migraine, when I’m not even prone to getting them in the first place? People who can’t spell and/or use proper grammar, on purpose, in particular, on the Internet. They think it’s all cool to use “teh” instead of “the”, “ur” instead of “you’re” and “your”, and, use “lete speak”, “L3t3 Sp3ak” for example, ad nauseam.

Don’t forget “LOL”, “LULZ”, peppered everywhere in their prose. Look, it’s okay to use “BTW” in an afterthought or post script situation, but damn, every time?

They also use run-on sentences, sans punctuation, looking like they can’t tell you the difference between a comma, period, question mark or semicolon and how to use them.

Hey, dimwits! “There”, “their” and “they’re” all sound the same when spoken aloud, but you don’t use “there”, or worse yet, “ther” and “thr” for all of them. The same goes for “your” and “you’re”.

And, why, why in the name of all that is good and normal, do they absolutely refuse to use proper capitalization. Not one single word in any sentence is properly capitalized. Then there is the other type, the ones that capitalize everything. No, wait, I can tell you, they’re fricken lazy. Then there are the ones that do use proper capitalization, except with their own name or the word “I”. That’s not laziness, they want to sound humble and unselfish, to the point that they sound stupid. It’s not humble, it’s bad grammar. No one thinks you’re pompous or self centered when you properly capitalize “I” and your own name, they think you sound intelligent.

Hey, idiots, it’s not “Me and Joe went to the bar”. It’s “Joe and I went to the bar”. How do you decide? Simple, which sounds more intelligent, “Me went to the bar”, or “I went to the bar”? And it’s just plain good etiquette to place “I” after all others in a list of names that includes yourself. And don’t even get in my face with “What if your name is in a list that is alphabetized”? That is, unless you want to incur my fricken wrath!

Finally, you know what pisses me off, it makes me want to take an ice pick to my eyes? Seeing these gaffs that a second grader could spot in a New York Minute in a printed publication or on line in a web site associated with one. For example, the Los Angeles Times, New York Times or San Diego Union. Let me ask this one last question, what do they all have in common? Answer, they’re all liberally, in particular, “progressive liberal” biased.

So, if you are going to take the trouble and time to type out a new thread or reply to an existing one, please, at least, have the courtesy to respect our intelligence and use proper grammar. The only exception would be someone not fluent in my language. On the contrary, I’m honored. I can tell you’re doing your best and will muddle through without complaint. All others? Well, one word; “owned”.


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