Viva Los Republic Monetary Exchange!

I heard about this on a regional radio station, KFI 640 in Los Angeles. It seems that Jim Clark, CEO of Republic Monetary Exchange in Phoenix, Az got hassled over a shirt he wore to a Suns game because it was in contention with the Suns owners opinion regarding Az. SB-1070. I’m not cutting and pasting a respected business publication, so please patronize the Phoenix Business Journal and read it there instead. By the way, what’s not mentioned due to editorial space, is that the  U. S. Airways Center is a taxpayer supported venue. OOPS! Do you, as I do,  see a conflict of interest here?

After that, if you are in the market for precious metals and other monetary services, and especially if you are also a resident of Arizona, visit Republic Monetary Exchange, I know I will! Tell them Amateur Radio station NO6L and, in support of Az. SB-1070, sent you.

I promise, more will follow regarding AB-1070, but this was more important in my view due to the freedom of speech issues.

By the way, anyone that does not support Az. SB-1070 is a moron of epic proportions with absolutely no common sense whatsoever. How is that for freedom of speech?


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