It’s not long now…

You know those science fiction movies and books who’s plot lines center around or includes how information is controlled? And, there are information “rebels” that inhabit an underground within the Internet or other information vehicle. Yeah, I know, it can’t happen, right? Have you noticed the occasional removal of information in favor of something more “current”. Yeah, so have I. Now, I know many people, especially those of you on the Web, have a short attention span, so tough it out and read this. Pay particular attention to paragraph 11.

I’m not joking, I heard this piece of work open his pie hole and say that. After reading it,  Obama Leg Humpers, will ask “What the big deal is.”? Well, for them, who have a particularly hard time digesting anything not spoon fed to them by the Alphabet Media, let me help. Here are some interesting pull quotes. You noticed I linked some key words, I’d suggest you learn them, because I have and you don’t want got left behind.

“…You’re coming of age in a 24/7 media environment that bombards us with all kinds of content and exposes us to all kinds of arguments, some of which don’t always rank all that high on the truth meter…”

In the first quote he states that some information is not truthful. Fine, but my demand is, who decides? Would that be truth only suitably acceptable for public consumption? Whole truth, or only partial? Partial would be for “our own good”, of course.

“…information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation…”

Information is empowerment, true, and I suppose it can also be said it can emancipate you, and at times, be distracting. That’s all fine and good, but who should be the one to decide if some information is a distraction and some is not? I’m sure he has an idea who that is, through “Fairness Doctrine” V 2.0 and “Net Neutrality”. By planting a “subtle” seed in the minds of these students, he attempts to indoctrinate them in a “subtle” way. “Subtly” put that in your Progressive Liberal Democrat Party-Pipe and smoke it.

“All of this is not only putting new pressures on you, it is putting new pressures on our country and on our democracy.”

Oh, so much pressure, how will the helpless urchins ever survive? But that’s not my concern with this pull, it’s the fact he calls our form of government a Democracy. Sorry, it’s not. It was never meant to be. The Ancient Greeks had one, look where it got them. Invaded by, yes, their equivalent of illegal aliens and then weakened to the point that the Roman Empire walked in and took possession of them without a significant fight. Our Founders were students of history, and formed a Republic. Why a Republic? It’s alluded to, but not spoken of outright, in our founding documents. In a nutshell, to build a sabotaging element into our governmental system to keep it slowed so it can’t grow at an unchecked rate. There is one problem with it and that is that people will vote for leaders that will bring home “the goods”, like Welfare and other freebies. Then, you end up with a government that grows unchecked, like we have today. The good thing is, it is hard to permanently damage it.

“…It could only work if each of us stayed informed and engaged, if we held our government accountable, if we fulfilled the obligations of citizenship…”

This one is an outright lie. He does not want us “informed and engaged”, and he sure doesn’t want anyone to hold his “government accountable”. His words and actions belies what he speaks through his behavior against the Tea Party Movement and Arizona’s new immigration policies. Lastly, “obligations of citizenship”. People are trying to fulfill their obligations, by peacefully demonstrating against their government “in redress of grievances”.

Once again, no comments regarding him being a moron, he’s not. He filled a vacuum created by morons. I’m not speaking of “Bush 41”, though he came to mind. I’m pointing the Searchlight of Truth at those of you who even after recent history still support him. You are all morons in desperate need of a “Common Sense” implant. Thanks to you, government control of our information, for our own good of course, is not far off.

Some interesting “reads” from the science fiction genre regarding this article.

Frank Herberts “The Tactful Saboteur“. Points to sabotage to keep government in check rather than a multilevel government elected by constituents.

William Gibsons “Neuromancer” and “Johnny Mnemonic”.

The Net, campy in places, like when she’s on the beach using her laptop, in direct sunlight.

Tedious and campy “Hackers”.

“The Matrix” trilogy also comes to mind, but takes the concept to the extreme. Rather than living in an “Informational Underground”, the protagonist and his allies live in a “civilizational” underground as well.


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