A New Group of Morons

Well, not a new group, just a new group to be exposed here. I’ve alluded to them in connection to other morons, but not directly. They are enviro-nazies. Enviro-nazies are not concerned for the environment, no, not in the least. If they were, they would encourage drilling for oil. Here’s why. That’s right, that’s a .gov web page. Oil and natural gas is leaking to the surface off the coast and inland of the Santa Barbara coast in California, right down the street from UC Santa Barbara. You won’t see this mentioned anywhere in the mainstream media, especially since the BP debacle in The Gulf. Instead, look at this search. Go ahead, pick one, I dare you.

Do you understand now why I say they’re not concerned for the environment? This is another example of nature polluting itself, and we can’t even do anything about it because some squealing, whining bunch of enviro-nazies see to it that drilling in these areas is outlawed.

Of course, if the oil companies were owned by the government they would not say a damned thing.

No, couldn’t say a damned thing, because that same government would own their rights, too. They don’t see that, so, they are morons, morons lacking common sense.


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