Some things are kind of creapy

You know that? Some say it’s clowns. It may be the way that panhandler looks at you when you decline giving them money. The way the “over-dressed” guy in the pretend sports car looks at you at a stop light. Or perhaps the worse, the way that person in the mirror looks back at you after a, shall we say, exciting night.

So why is this in the Amateur Radio archives? Because there are some excessively creapy people that are the proto-typical guy-in-mommies-basement-waring-only-briefs jamming other people he knows nothing about. You QSY, he follows, change bands, he follows. Unless it’s 160M, in which case he’s hosed because mommy won’t let him put up an antenna that big. I mean really, what kind of creap does this? Well, let me don my profiler hat, as it were, and tell you. They are the same creap that molests children or rapes people.

“Oh, come on Jack, that’s over the top”. Uh, no, it’s not. Think about it. There are two kinds of jammers, one might do it once or twice in bordom or to someone they don’t like a couple of times and then get over it. They may also do it as a “practical joke”, fess up and that’s the end. These aren’t legal, we know that, but in the end are harmless.

Then there is that creap I’m talking about. They jam relentlessly, you can’t get away. They are usually knowledgeable about propagation and the “Ignore It” policy, so they know when they’re being successful. But why? Simple, just like rape, it’s power over another. Rape is not about sex, it’s about power. The little man that rapes a helpless woman feels powerless in some way in his life, so, he attempts to get some power through rape. A little creap that is a malicious jammer is no different, it’s a matter of extremes. No difference at all. They are also cowards.

And morons, that need to have some common sense raped into their pathetic little reptilian brains.


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