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It’s Been a While


About a year to be exact. My wife and I are moved into our own place, that we don’t have to rent. It rocks not having a landlord hovering over your shoulder. And living in a primarily Conservative county and community does, too. No government agencies telling us:

  • Don’t burn wood for heat.
  • Don’t park your car on bare dirt.
  • Don’t park an unregistered car on your own property.
  • Don’t park a non-working car on your own property.
  • Don’t put up an antenna over forty feet high.
  • Don’t let your friend/family member park their RV on your own property and live in it for a week or two.

God damn, is there anything you can do in Los Angeles County and Antelope Valley with your own property? Oh, before I forget, if you have your own water well they want to stick a water meter on it as soon as they figure out a law to ram through over some holiday weekend, just like the ‘Crat Party morons do in DC. That way, not only do you have to pay for the electricity to get the water out of the ground and upkeep of the well, they want to bill you for the water, too. So, when we had the money to purchase our own property, we “voted with our wallet”, as it were, and moved away from that hell-hole to Tehachapi in Kern County. And if it were not for our family that needs to stay in California, we would have left this crap state as well. So, this will have to do.

Which brings me to my next topic, hatred of the wealthy. I’m going to take this time to stick it in the eye of those that hate the wealthy. We bought our acre and a quarter with a 3 by 2 house and a good sized detached garage all set up to be used as a two room shop, with it’s own half bath.

Cool, huh? Just what I always wanted, in the town I always wanted to live in, cash. 100% down, nothing to pay later. You piss ant wealth haters can pound sand and take my carbon footprint in your ass and smoke it. So now you’ve got one more person to hate, me.

What brought this on? Well, this YouTube video to start with. These two clowns think rich people suck. Okay, that’s their opinion, now here’s mine. To start with, rich people are allowing them to post this whiny crap on their own web site. I’m also betting rich people sell them electricity to run their cheesy pre-assembled appliance computers to edit that video, not to mention the rich people that engineered camera. You know, come to think about it, I’m thinking rich people sell them gasoline to put in their little Smart Car, or whatever. And then, stop by the medical marijuana store and use their EBT card to score some bud while on their way to the computer store to buy yet more pre-assembled computer crap, from yet another rich person, that sucks. What’s more, have a look at the comments. Seems they’re in good company. Yup, more than 75% of the comments are made by petty little people that think if someone has something they don’t, they suck.

Actually, I stumbled on that piece of tripe disguised as a YouTube video while looking for this one. Now I’m no music critic, and Ms Blacks style isn’t exactly my thing. Frankly I find the video a bit annoying, but at least she’s got the “stones” to get out there and take a chance.

Now, take a look at the comments here. I’d say that over 75% of them are childish insults and expressions of hatred, not only at her, but the wealthy in general. Things like accusing her of having rich parents, like that’s some kind of insult in itself. Also, she’s spoiled, a bitch, ugly, etc., etc. It’s a virtual cornucopia of petty envy and stupidity. And if you are one of them and don’t know what a cornucopia is, too damn bad. Turn off your cheesy little computer you bought pre-assembled at Best Buy and pick up a dictionary. I’m not paid enough to teach you grammar.

But I digress, this is nothing more than petty jealousy; If her parents are wealthy, they got it on the backs of the poor. If she’s pretty, she got it on the backs of the ugly. If she’s talented, she got it on the backs of the untalented. They have nothing nice to say about anyone that has something they don’t because they are too lazy to achieve anything of any value on their own. The Nanny State should provide all, and whatever it doesn’t, no one else should have that either. And if they do, it was “ill gotten” and they should be ridiculed, stigmatized and put in prison, if at all possible. Like it’s been said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Like I said, I’m not paid enough to teach you left wing losers a God damned thing, except a dose of common sense, if at all possible.

Hey, Let’s Use Free Fuel in Our Cars!


That’s right, we are idiots when there are scads of people out there doing just that. They are cracking Hydrogen from water on the fly to inject into the intake system of their cars and getting amazing results. Okay, I’m sold, what do I need to do? Well, first let’s break down what has to be done and also see if there are any ramifications.

First, I need electricity to crack the Hydrogen. Ultimately that’s the job of the alternator. I see a problem already, it’s only about 50% efficient. Our good hearted friends correct this discrepancy and throw a PWM, Pulse Width Modulated, power supply into the circuit. It’s job is to increase and regulate the energy being sent to the cracker. Yes, they call it a “booster”, but on my site I call it what it is. This results in a greater voltage which results in greater total energy delivered to the cracker, double the voltage, quadruple the power. But wait, what about that pesky 50% loss in the alternator? If you were using say 50 watts of energy to crack the Hydrogen at 14 volts, it would jump to 200 watts at 28.  Oh, yeah, but now you’re using 400 watts of mechanical energy to get that 200. “But what about the PWM regulator? That will raise efficiency”. Wrong, it consumes it, of the 200 watts it delivers, only about 190 makes it to the cracker.

Next, we need to get our Hydrogen into the intake manifold so it will be delivered to the cylinders to be burned. In it’s simplest form, you just let it “flow” into the intake system. There’s all kinds of other gadgets that they add, computer controlled stuff, which itself consumes even more energy, but in the end it just gets dumped into the combustion chambers. That’s simple, let’s role with that. Okay, let’s do. I can see a small issue right here, gasoline requires a 14.6:1 air/fuel ratio. That means for every gallon of fuel you will use 14.6 gallons of atmosphere, if it were liquid. Hydrogen, however needs a 2:1 Oxygen/fuel mixture. Our atmosphere is composed of, rounded off, 20%. So, for an engine that is engineered for 100% Hydrogen fuel, you need about a 10:1 air/fuel ratio. Oh how sad, the engine management and intake system were engineered for 14.6:1, now you are dumping Hydrogen in that needs 10:1, what happens to the Hydrogen. Here, let me make it short and sweet; Nothing. I it gets shoved right out the exhaust manifold unburned because there was only a 14.6:1 ratio and not 10:1. Oh, it does do something, it gets burned in the catalytic converter and is expelled as water vapor, just what you started with in the first place.

So, you used valuable petroleum fuel to generate electricity that was use to crack Hydrogen from water, send it into the intake of the engine just to be piped into catalytic converter to be converted back into water. Slick move there Johnson, now you’re showing Big Oil who the genius is.

There’s some other very viable options to more efficiently crack the Hydrogen, maybe even to be able to run the vehicle on 100% Hydrogen. First we’ve got to work on that efficiency think though. Remember, hydrogen needs a 10:1 air/fuel ratio and gasoline needs 14.6:1, round up to 15:1. That means it will take, ignoring the fact that Hydrogen has a much lower thermal efficiency, 15 gallons of Hydrogen for every 10 gallons of gasoline.

Okay, what is the cool “other viable options”? Simple, radiation. Radiation will crack hydrogen from water without using electrodes and other lossy gadgets. So how much are we talking about? I’m not a nuclear physicist, but seeing as how some modest, say what you’d find at Three Mile Island only produces it as a by product, something about that size would be sufficient. Oh, how sad, you need a huge reactor to crack enough Hydrogen to drive your care around on. Uh, why not just use the electricity from it to charge a battery in the vehicle instead?

Then you’ve got the real geniuses. They proclaim that you can use the magnetron from a microwave oven for the radiation source. Uh yeah… no. That is a different kind of radiation there, Einstein. The kind found in a nuclear reactor is called, wait for it… Ionizing Radiation, much more energetic. The magnetron in moms oven you want to cannibalize only produces Radio Frequency Radiation. All it will do is boil the water in the cracker. So, what are you going to do with that, burn the steam that results?

Now, I’m not some big bad Big Oil free energy shooter-downer debunker. I’m just some guy with a web log, and a brain. And, I know how to use it. So, what’s behind all this Free Hydrogen Energy bullcrap. Here, let me help you again, Money. The same thing as Big Oil. But at least Big Oil sells something useful, albeit at a high price, no thanks to the near 50% total taxes we pay on it. But at least gasoline actually has a purpose after making the oil companies rich, these Free Hydrogen Energy schemes serve no purpose other than making the people selling it rich with no returns to the “customer” whatsoever. And if you think you see some kind of a positive improvement, I can tell you how. You see it because you want to. You spent valuable time and money on something with the promise of “sticking to the man”, and by God it works because you did it. This is what is known in medical parlance as a Placebo Affect and in this case with a very heavy dose of arrogance.

Finally, your car that you’re jacking around with trying to make it run on Hydrogen at some level, already does. Hydro-car-bons, that would be Hydrogen atoms bonded to Carbon atoms. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Now, go ahead, call me a “hater”, I could frankly give a ratts ass. I’ve been called worse, far worse by my drill instructors 30 some odd years ago and I survived that. But if you believe in this Hokus-Pokus Free Energy Ripoff, you may not be a hater, but you are most definitely a moron.

Can You Handle True Beauty?


It seems many people can’t. On this one all kinds came out. Everything from Atheist to Zealot. I am truly disappointed in half of the people on the Internet. I only hope they don’t represent half of human population. What do I speak of? Not what, who. Before you click this link, I’m warning you, you may be shocked and even repulsed. Now, who is it? That would be this woman. Now, what did you see? Did you see it? Was it ugliness? Was it a deformed monster? Was it something that should be euthanized and forgotten about? Or did you see a warm smile? Did you see a cheerful personality? Did you see a loving family that accepts her for who, and what she is? Can you accept her for the same?

Or are you one of the dirtbags that are so shallow, arrogant and self centered that you can’t even look past her condition. Are you one of the types like the 50% that commented negatively? Frankly, if you are, you make me want to puke. You know that? Why? Because it leaves a pit in my stomach to know that someone, somehow, genetically related to me, and her, can be so emotionally and intellectually stunted. To put it bluntly you are low, lower than whale shit. Trust me, that’s pretty damn low.

What are some of the comments? Scroll down to have a look. Though not all are, some jack-ball atheist said “This is proof there is no God”. Hey, dimwit, how do you know it’s not irrefutable proof there is God? Review those photos and look at the happiness and joy she spreads just by being alive. When was the last time you did the same rather than trying to put down those that don’t follow your “belief”.

Then we’ve got the beauty zealots. The “If it’s not attractive, put it out of it’s misery” types. As for you retards, can you think of another point in our history when there was a regime that felt the exactly same way you do? Come on, pull your pot infused head out of your ass. Still having a hard time with my question? Try Nazi Germany. They were well on their way to producing the exact culture you’re proposing through your comments. Maybe Beauty Zealot might not be the proper term. Beauty Nazi, ah, now there is a term that fits you well, very well indeed.

There’s one more group of people, and I use that term loosely, that I have to rip on. The ones that make their little schoolyard sex jokes about her anatomy. I really don’t know whether I should pity you, or search you out one by one and kick your ass into adulthood. You think you are just all that when it comes to humor. Truthfully, you would not make a pimple on a comedians ass. Get over it, your jokes were not funny in Grade School and they’re not funny now. On the contrary, they’re every bit as stupid.

You three groups represent the pride that is the moronic portion of our society.

Finally, the rest. The ones that could see her warmth, her smile and her joy of just being alive. Something tells me she feels very fortunate to be in the Western Civilization, as we do. If she’d been born in a Third World country, or worse, we would have never known of her. We celebrate her life and hope she lives a long and meaningful one. Contrary to the atheist above, this young woman represents the face of true beauty that only the likes of an all powerful, all caring Creator can give.

The Twelve Days of Hell


I never really liked the Christmas carol “Twelve Days of Christmas”. It was for a couple of reasons, tediousness being one of them. But after “doing the math” I figured out the most glaring one to date. I shall elaborate with an updated version, thusly.

By Christmas my true love gave me, Hell on earth by sending a total of:

12 drummers drumming.

22 pipers piping.

30 lords a-leaping.

36 ladies dancing.

40 maids a-milking… with dairy cows.

42 swans a-swimming… ponds included.

42 geese a-laying, along with their 42 nests.

40 golden rings.

36 calling birds, with 36 cages.

30 French hens, with 30 gages.

22 turtle doves, and yes, with 22 cages.

12 partridges in, you got it, 12 pear trees.

And as a result I also got…

13 police a-rresting. For 8 counts of receiving stolen jewelry and 48 continuous hours of noise ordinance violations due to the drummers drumming and pipers piping. They let me slide on the noise from the birds and cows.

140 SAG, Musicians’ and Dairyman’s Unions attorneys a-suing, after I threw bail. 1 for each lady dancing, piper piping, lord a-leaping, drummer drumming and maid a-milking.

224 PETA members a-protesting. 1 for each bird and cow, with a promise for more with any geese that hatch.

1 visit each from Code Enforcement concerning the 42 ponds, and from the Livestock Bureau concerning the 40 head of cattle.

But really, Merry Christmas and 73.

Copyrighted by the actual person using the “Palomar Jack” moniker on the website If you use this in an email or other website, just include this disclaimer. That’s all. That way they’ll come and visit my two cool web logs!


Well, Here We Go Again


Yet more clueless morons for me to rip. Ya’ gotta love it. The latest college trend is Eyeballing. Cool, huh? From what ophthalmologists say this is a very stupid practice. It doesn’t take a physician to tell me that, just a sprinkle of good old common sense should be all that’s needed. It’s like this, alcohol doesn’t just kill brain cells producing the the desired (why?) drunk state, it also destroys all other types of cells, too. Including the ones that your friggen’ eyes are made of! Common sense. There are not only short term effects, like pain, but also long term ones like blindness. Again, common sense.

So, why would they do this? These people are in college, I would hope getting more than an education in basket weaving, philosophy, womens studies, gay studies, astrology and any number of other courses guaranteed to land you a fine career. Right. Oh, let’s not forget the sports jocks that only got enrolled because they can, “Play a Game”. Obviously colleges don’t teach things like, oh, I don’t know, common-fucking-sense!

So you may ask, what prompts these morons to partake in this activity? A couple of things come to mind:

They know this is detrimental to their eye health, but college indoctrinated them to believe Mommy Government will be there for them if they become partially or completely blind due to this stupid behavior.

Think it’s cool to stand the pain while getting drunk in this way. Hey, moron, there’s pain because it’s causing damage!

I say again, the morons are in college! COLLEGE! Just what is being taught in college these days? Like most unions, is it even good for anything anymore beyond destroying society?

These people, and I use that term loosely, are our future. That said, I hope you have or can get knowledge concerning living off the land, without any help from anyone. Because you sure as hell can’t count on any help from these morons in your future, because these morons have a total lack of common sense and will not survive, themselves.

At least the gene pool will be cleansed, once and for all.

Gigolos for sale…


One of the pitfalls of fully automated advertising. I like to make sure I don’t use a word that does not apply, like while researching data for You can have it all… In this case “gigolo”. Here is what I got on a dictionary website, it seems to cover the cost of hosting their free dictionary they offer ad-space for certain services:

You can have it all…


Just ask Noel Biderman, founder of, a dating service for people, and I use that term loosely, searching for an extramarital affair. Read some of the excuses posed as quotes from here. Yes, they are excuses, all of them. I also have a question regarding the name, who the hell is Ashley Madison? Here, let me tell you, because he won’t ‘fess up. It’s called subliminal messaging, it’s to legitimize and increase extramarital affairs by women, so they can have it all, too. Men doing it is not enough, now we have to have both genders screwing up their marriages. Yup, a real piece of work.

Look, if sex is really that important to you and you really think the mythical conditions called Blue-Balls or Vag-Cramps are a real medical problem, get a damn divorce, moron. Anything else is an excuse. If you are in a sexless marriage quit blaming your spouse, she/he is probably sick and tired of your behavior or of being ignored.

Turn off the Game, put away the sixpack, go on a diet, quit belching in public or whatever else it takes to get her interested in you again. I’m not through, ladies, turn off Opra, put away the bon-bons, go on a diet, quit nagging in public and private or whatever else it takes to get him interested in you again.

If that doesn’t work, I don’t think even Dr. Phil can help, get a divorce and quit making excuses for an affair. This is all common sense.

As for that piece of work, Biderman, I’ve got an opinion for him, too. As far as I’m concerned, he is no better than a pimp. There it is, it had to be said. That’s right, a pimp, for both the Johns and Janes, the prostitute and the gigolo. He is just blurring the lines and in the deal the prostitutes and gigolos get noting in return. At least a street walker gets something from the deal. Again, common sense.

I’ve got a website in the works myself and probably won’t make near as much money. But you know what? I can go through life with a clear conscience knowing I’m not taking money for being a tool used to screw up potentially salvageable marriages. I also don’t have to spend thirty minutes on a talk show jabbering in circles while trying to legitimize my business model as somehow ethical and desperately needed by society.

Hey, Biderman, get a clue, a conscience and common sense, you moron.



No, this is not a critique of the movie Signs, though I could take that apart equally as well. No, this is about this piece of work. he thinks it is all okay to hijack other peoples information through signage. Throughout his whole article he never mentions that one should get permission to alter private or public signage. Until the very end when prodded, then he cops out with “I’m respecting my readers by working with the assumption they have a level of intelligence and common sense. Because I think that’s a nice, respectable place to start from”.

Yeah, right. How about respecting other peoples property? I say this, because I can’t think of a private, public or government entity that would be okay with changing their signage.

I’m also going to go out on a limb and assume he’s an environmentalist. Now, I don’t have a problem with this, per se. That’s his right, but, the changing of street signs will cause people to drive in circles, wasting fuel trying to figure out where they are and/or need to be. Then, what of the plastic that lays around for decades that these modifications are made of when frustrated sign owners rip them down and throw them away? You see, with him being a “responsible” environmentalist he knows that already, but hey, you’ve got to “Crack some eggs to make an omelet”, right. That, however, makes him an Enviro-Nazi, who’s other motto is, “Do as I say, not as I do”.

It also makes him a moron without a lick of common sense.

You know…


… what gives me a case of Red Ass, and a migraine, when I’m not even prone to getting them in the first place? People who can’t spell and/or use proper grammar, on purpose, in particular, on the Internet. They think it’s all cool to use “teh” instead of “the”, “ur” instead of “you’re” and “your”, and, use “lete speak”, “L3t3 Sp3ak” for example, ad nauseam.

Don’t forget “LOL”, “LULZ”, peppered everywhere in their prose. Look, it’s okay to use “BTW” in an afterthought or post script situation, but damn, every time?

They also use run-on sentences, sans punctuation, looking like they can’t tell you the difference between a comma, period, question mark or semicolon and how to use them.

Hey, dimwits! “There”, “their” and “they’re” all sound the same when spoken aloud, but you don’t use “there”, or worse yet, “ther” and “thr” for all of them. The same goes for “your” and “you’re”.

And, why, why in the name of all that is good and normal, do they absolutely refuse to use proper capitalization. Not one single word in any sentence is properly capitalized. Then there is the other type, the ones that capitalize everything. No, wait, I can tell you, they’re fricken lazy. Then there are the ones that do use proper capitalization, except with their own name or the word “I”. That’s not laziness, they want to sound humble and unselfish, to the point that they sound stupid. It’s not humble, it’s bad grammar. No one thinks you’re pompous or self centered when you properly capitalize “I” and your own name, they think you sound intelligent.

Hey, idiots, it’s not “Me and Joe went to the bar”. It’s “Joe and I went to the bar”. How do you decide? Simple, which sounds more intelligent, “Me went to the bar”, or “I went to the bar”? And it’s just plain good etiquette to place “I” after all others in a list of names that includes yourself. And don’t even get in my face with “What if your name is in a list that is alphabetized”? That is, unless you want to incur my fricken wrath!

Finally, you know what pisses me off, it makes me want to take an ice pick to my eyes? Seeing these gaffs that a second grader could spot in a New York Minute in a printed publication or on line in a web site associated with one. For example, the Los Angeles Times, New York Times or San Diego Union. Let me ask this one last question, what do they all have in common? Answer, they’re all liberally, in particular, “progressive liberal” biased.

So, if you are going to take the trouble and time to type out a new thread or reply to an existing one, please, at least, have the courtesy to respect our intelligence and use proper grammar. The only exception would be someone not fluent in my language. On the contrary, I’m honored. I can tell you’re doing your best and will muddle through without complaint. All others? Well, one word; “owned”.

Random Moron


Here is a post and my reply to a random moron who is also a very intolerant moron. He seems to think that the Jewish religion and people are the most corrupt force in nature. I take exception to it because my faith comes from the Jewish religion. I especially take offense in general to his/her foul behavior on .

Found on this page in particular.

He/she makes an ass of themselves in other places, too. Just do a search to be amused. You don’t have to register to post a reply, either! So have your way with him/her.

Fukjew 04/08/2010 12:11 AM

I can’t believe that people still support the biggest piece of media propaganda, the bible, which only serves one people, who are the most corrupt of all peoples on the earth, the jews!!!

@ Fukjew on 04/08/2010 12:11 AM

So, until the Jewish and then Christian religions came along the world was just all hunky-dory. The Roman and Egyptian empires and Ancient Greeks never became corrupted, right? I’ll tell you what is corrupted; Trying to incite a flame war. You sir, I submit, are morally corrupt for that behavior, and is further evidenced by your childish and uneducated comment. And because you display moronic behavior and a lack of common sense, others who visit my web log will see it, too. Don’t miss it.

You have a nice day.

Palomar Jack

Let’s see if he/she drops by and unwittingly posts a reply without reading my “About” page.