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We Are In Grave Danger


Who is in danger? Why all of us, the Earth and every life form on it. I would think we don’t have a chance, what with all the UFOs bumping into it. No, it didn’t start with the Roswell thing, an earlier example was the Aurora, Texas, UFO incident. This “airship” collided with a “windmill”. Witnesses said “It was flying around all day and was obviously damaged because it was only going 10 or 12 miles an hour before it hit the tower. The body recovered was claimed to have been not of this world”. Instead of just concluding it is true, let’s look at this logically. Far more likely it was an early blimp filled with hydrogen with a small gasoline engine for propulsion. After it collided with the tower the poor pilots body would have been so burnt and mangled anyone of that time could easily conclude it was from another planet. Throw into the whole episode the fact that H.G. Wells was publishing very well written science fiction stories at the time and you have a complete UFO crash story ready to go. Sound familiar? Yeah, you guessed it, Roswell.

You still think these are real? Consider this. Say you are in charge of an exploration team and the aircraft crash lands in an unexplored area inhabited by non technical people. Would you mount a rescue mission, retrieve as much of the aircraft and equipment as possible and try not to “contaminate” their culture? Or, just forget about the whole incident and leave your equipment and crew there to fend for themselves. If Roswell were real, there is no way we could have hidden their spacecraft anywhere on Earth from them and equally there is no way we could have kept them from taking it back. I suppose we could have peacefully returned it, and in exchange, they gave us, to them, very obsolete technology as a gift for our cooperation. Yeah, that would be cool, but I really doubt that is what went down.

Maybe you cite all the technical advances since “Roswell”. Sorry, doesn’t “fly”, either. There is this little thing you are forgetting called Moores Law. Simply, it states that computer power doubles every eighteen months, take or give. And it’s been happening since the invention of the first electron tube digital computers, not the Roswell incident. This also goes for all technology.

UFO enthusiasts always cite the fact that police and military pilots, both trained in observational skills, also see them. One thing they ignore is that they are human, too, with their own potential misconceptions.

So, just where do I get the title of this piece? Very simple, if the Earth is such a hazard to spacecraft from other planets, we are in a lot of trouble. Think about it, they fly hundreds, thousands maybe millions of light-years just to collide with it, over and over. I can only conclude one of four things:

1. The Earth is some kind of UFO magnet space hazard. You better hope it’s not this one.

2. These guys are smart enough to build space craft capable of interstellar flight but are incapable of properly navigating them.

3. They are ours and are misidentified by people that see what they want to see.

4. They are natural phenomena and are misidentified by people that, you guessed it, see what they want to see.

Now, I myself have seen things in the sky I could not identify that were not natural. But in the end, I also absolutely know for a fact they were not from another planet. You see, the human race suffers from a double edge sword. We are able to create very entertaining drama, but we can also be swayed by it to ignore logic. I hope I didn’t ruin your day to badly if you are a believer in these myths, but if so, it’s too bad. That’s the way it goes.