You can have it all…

Just ask Noel Biderman, founder of, a dating service for people, and I use that term loosely, searching for an extramarital affair. Read some of the excuses posed as quotes from here. Yes, they are excuses, all of them. I also have a question regarding the name, who the hell is Ashley Madison? Here, let me tell you, because he won’t ‘fess up. It’s called subliminal messaging, it’s to legitimize and increase extramarital affairs by women, so they can have it all, too. Men doing it is not enough, now we have to have both genders screwing up their marriages. Yup, a real piece of work.

Look, if sex is really that important to you and you really think the mythical conditions called Blue-Balls or Vag-Cramps are a real medical problem, get a damn divorce, moron. Anything else is an excuse. If you are in a sexless marriage quit blaming your spouse, she/he is probably sick and tired of your behavior or of being ignored.

Turn off the Game, put away the sixpack, go on a diet, quit belching in public or whatever else it takes to get her interested in you again. I’m not through, ladies, turn off Opra, put away the bon-bons, go on a diet, quit nagging in public and private or whatever else it takes to get him interested in you again.

If that doesn’t work, I don’t think even Dr. Phil can help, get a divorce and quit making excuses for an affair. This is all common sense.

As for that piece of work, Biderman, I’ve got an opinion for him, too. As far as I’m concerned, he is no better than a pimp. There it is, it had to be said. That’s right, a pimp, for both the Johns and Janes, the prostitute and the gigolo. He is just blurring the lines and in the deal the prostitutes and gigolos get noting in return. At least a street walker gets something from the deal. Again, common sense.

I’ve got a website in the works myself and probably won’t make near as much money. But you know what? I can go through life with a clear conscience knowing I’m not taking money for being a tool used to screw up potentially salvageable marriages. I also don’t have to spend thirty minutes on a talk show jabbering in circles while trying to legitimize my business model as somehow ethical and desperately needed by society.

Hey, Biderman, get a clue, a conscience and common sense, you moron.


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