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Fox News Is The Devil


At least that’s what the collective intelligence, which just about equals about an IQ of 75, of Media Matters would have you believe. You see, what really pisses them off is that for the most part they are not yes-men of the current regim… er… administration like all the rest of the Alphabet Networks. That is unforgivable and really sticks in their craw. Having just one relevant network that does no tow the line really puts a crimp in their agenda.

And as far as you left wing weenie morons that think Fox should be taken off the air, tell me, what’s next. Would it not be a shame if all the news that is also uncontrolled on line were removed, through Net Neutrality? Yeah, be careful what you wish for, moron, you’ll get it.

Back to those with IQs in the mid 100s, you may find yourself wondering just what must go through the mind of a left wing weenie. Well, besides excessive amounts of online free porn and canibis, not much. You may ask why with all the evidence against it does liberalism just keep popping up like wack-a-mole targets. It’s very simple, liberalism is a societal virus. It promises all kinds of freebies for nothing  in return. Nothing except your freedom and liberties. You see, a virus has one goal, spread. Even if it means the death of the host, and ultamately the death of every virus contained therein. It does not matter because, “The ends justify the means”. And “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet”.

Even if society fails completely because of the liberal infection, it does not matter as long as the clueless liberal moron gets the freebies he/she thinks they are entitled to.

Earth Hour, Yeah, I Participated


You bet I did. Here’s how; I replaced every energy efficient CFL with a very in-efficient incandescent lightbulb, set my refrigerator to maximum, set the thermostat to 85 degrees, turned on all the yard lights and let ALL of my Amateur Radio gear idle even though I did not intend on using it. And last, but not least, turned on the headlights in both of my cars and started the engines so the batteries would not go dead. I tell you, my yard was a virtual cornucopia of light and CO2 pollution, I was proud.

I did that last year, too.

You see, during Earth Hour I don’t celebrate some moronic anti-global warming warm-and-fuzzy bunch of symbolic crap. I celebrate the achievements of Western Civilization. I celebrate a time when, as Micheal Savage says, the chrome was thick and the women were straight. I celebrate two of my interests, electricity and electronics. Tell me, how the hell can I do that in a darkened room? I can’t, and I won’t.

So, what’s my plans for Vladimir Lenin, the Russian Marxist revolutionaries birthday? Probably the same thing. Now, for you left wing morons, why did I say Lenins birthday? Well, once again, if you did not vote for Obama and do not participate in Earth Hour the “accepted” way, you have an IQ well past 100 and know what is significant about Lenins birthday. It’s April 22. Sound familiar? Yup, Earth Day. My, what coincidence. Anyway, that’s right, for 24 hours I’m going to use more energy than any 10 left wing hippie Earth Firsters can save, because I can, and because I can afford it. That’s right, I’m going to offset the stupidity of at least ten losers by using the energy they save to increase the profits of energy companies, because in my book, they are the real hero’s in the advancement of Western Civilization. Not some left wing weenie morons with too much time on their hands.

Here We Go Again


Let me tell you a story. It is a true story. You see there was this leader that had a few issues. He was very narcissistic, liked to preside over exotic parties, had yes-men by the score and was the leader of a nation that developed the policy to allow anyone past their boarders. The reason for that was those people had no allegiances to their “host” nation and could be counted on for support for the then current leadership. So, what happened to this leader and finally the nation he led?

By the way, I’m speaking in the past tense. It’s the United States under the current regime, in the future. There is your answer. If you thought it was ancient Rome led by Nero and the striking resemblance to the current US administration, good for you. You have an IQ over 100. In fact, it’s probably in the mid hundreds, at least. But if you thought it was Nero and Rome and still didn’t see the similarities, I’m sorry, you are a moron, and don’t rate an IQ above room temperature. No, I made a mistake, I’m not sorry at all. I relish telling morons what they are.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you how I think Obama is a stupid, uninformed dupe easily led about by the ideals of a lazy looser that never held a job a day in his life, that would be Carl Marx. It’s obvious. But what I am going to do is tell you is if you voted and still support this marxist, you are a moron. And an idiot, the useful kind. I saw this coming from the time he opened his pie-hole and spoke at his campaign speeches, in other countries, fake echo and all. And yet you still bought it, hook, line, sinker, rod, real, boat and doc. All because he blabbed on and on about hope, change and freebies for all so you could sit in mommies basement with your internet porn and count on free health care, on my fricken’ dime. Of course his level of melanin helped, but what can you expect from a bunch of useful idiots who act towards what they see rather than read. In this guys case, if a picture is worth a thousand words, you morons were given an entire volume of encyclopedias, with pictures, and you still blew it. I put this at your feet, not his. The warnings were there for all to see, and yet you morons on the left shot, not yourselves, but all of us in the foot.

Yup, here we go again, because “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

Can You Handle True Beauty?


It seems many people can’t. On this one all kinds came out. Everything from Atheist to Zealot. I am truly disappointed in half of the people on the Internet. I only hope they don’t represent half of human population. What do I speak of? Not what, who. Before you click this link, I’m warning you, you may be shocked and even repulsed. Now, who is it? That would be this woman. Now, what did you see? Did you see it? Was it ugliness? Was it a deformed monster? Was it something that should be euthanized and forgotten about? Or did you see a warm smile? Did you see a cheerful personality? Did you see a loving family that accepts her for who, and what she is? Can you accept her for the same?

Or are you one of the dirtbags that are so shallow, arrogant and self centered that you can’t even look past her condition. Are you one of the types like the 50% that commented negatively? Frankly, if you are, you make me want to puke. You know that? Why? Because it leaves a pit in my stomach to know that someone, somehow, genetically related to me, and her, can be so emotionally and intellectually stunted. To put it bluntly you are low, lower than whale shit. Trust me, that’s pretty damn low.

What are some of the comments? Scroll down to have a look. Though not all are, some jack-ball atheist said “This is proof there is no God”. Hey, dimwit, how do you know it’s not irrefutable proof there is God? Review those photos and look at the happiness and joy she spreads just by being alive. When was the last time you did the same rather than trying to put down those that don’t follow your “belief”.

Then we’ve got the beauty zealots. The “If it’s not attractive, put it out of it’s misery” types. As for you retards, can you think of another point in our history when there was a regime that felt the exactly same way you do? Come on, pull your pot infused head out of your ass. Still having a hard time with my question? Try Nazi Germany. They were well on their way to producing the exact culture you’re proposing through your comments. Maybe Beauty Zealot might not be the proper term. Beauty Nazi, ah, now there is a term that fits you well, very well indeed.

There’s one more group of people, and I use that term loosely, that I have to rip on. The ones that make their little schoolyard sex jokes about her anatomy. I really don’t know whether I should pity you, or search you out one by one and kick your ass into adulthood. You think you are just all that when it comes to humor. Truthfully, you would not make a pimple on a comedians ass. Get over it, your jokes were not funny in Grade School and they’re not funny now. On the contrary, they’re every bit as stupid.

You three groups represent the pride that is the moronic portion of our society.

Finally, the rest. The ones that could see her warmth, her smile and her joy of just being alive. Something tells me she feels very fortunate to be in the Western Civilization, as we do. If she’d been born in a Third World country, or worse, we would have never known of her. We celebrate her life and hope she lives a long and meaningful one. Contrary to the atheist above, this young woman represents the face of true beauty that only the likes of an all powerful, all caring Creator can give.