Well, Here We Go Again

Yet more clueless morons for me to rip. Ya’ gotta love it. The latest college trend is Eyeballing. Cool, huh? From what ophthalmologists say this is a very stupid practice. It doesn’t take a physician to tell me that, just a sprinkle of good old common sense should be all that’s needed. It’s like this, alcohol doesn’t just kill brain cells producing the the desired (why?) drunk state, it also destroys all other types of cells, too. Including the ones that your friggen’ eyes are made of! Common sense. There are not only short term effects, like pain, but also long term ones like blindness. Again, common sense.

So, why would they do this? These people are in college, I would hope getting more than an education in basket weaving, philosophy, womens studies, gay studies, astrology and any number of other courses guaranteed to land you a fine career. Right. Oh, let’s not forget the sports jocks that only got enrolled because they can, “Play a Game”. Obviously colleges don’t teach things like, oh, I don’t know, common-fucking-sense!

So you may ask, what prompts these morons to partake in this activity? A couple of things come to mind:

They know this is detrimental to their eye health, but college indoctrinated them to believe Mommy Government will be there for them if they become partially or completely blind due to this stupid behavior.

Think it’s cool to stand the pain while getting drunk in this way. Hey, moron, there’s pain because it’s causing damage!

I say again, the morons are in college! COLLEGE! Just what is being taught in college these days? Like most unions, is it even good for anything anymore beyond destroying society?

These people, and I use that term loosely, are our future. That said, I hope you have or can get knowledge concerning living off the land, without any help from anyone. Because you sure as hell can’t count on any help from these morons in your future, because these morons have a total lack of common sense and will not survive, themselves.

At least the gene pool will be cleansed, once and for all.


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