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I Converted


That’s right, I converted to a new religion. I am now a parishioner of the Christian Science Church. Why, you may ask? Simple, the new laws foisted upon us by the morons in Washington DC have made them and the Amish exempt from the Health Care Reform Law regarding compulsory health insurance. I can’t say I’m Amish, try to explain an Amish Extra Class Radio Amateur. Yeah, that’ll go over like a lead balloon.

So, I’m a “Christian Scientist”. Prove I’m not, El Pesidente, you friggin’ moron lacking any common sense.



The other night another station and I were in QSO about antennas, feed lines and baluns. Now these are the kind of things you will most likely hear during a conversation on an Amateur Radio frequency.  Things that have to do with electronics and radio electronics and technology in particular. There will be other things, things that have absolutely nothing to do with radio or electronics, it’s rather diverse.

So, just where am I going with this? Well, during the QSO some twerp pops off something like “You guys are boring”. Again, “What”?

Now, I know we are supposed to ignore hecklers and lids (Bad operators), but I could not ignore this idiot. I finished my reply to the other station, asked the “interloper” just what we should talk about on an amateur radio frequency and what his callsign is and got back, well, nothing. So I resumed my QSO to it’s conclusion.

Now, really, common sense says you will most likely hear conversations on an Amateur Radio frequency about, well, radio stuff. Am I wrong here? If someone does not like the subject, might I suggest you either keep your pie-hole shut, find a frequency where the QSO is to your liking, start a QSO to your liking on a vacant frequency or sell all that fancy-shmancy Amateur Radio gear and get yourself a really cool CB radio setup, because you do not deserve that license. And, you’re a moron.

What have we done?


Or, should I say, “What have the morons with a complete and total lack of common sense done”? Because at the time, the electorate was dominated by morons without common sense, they voted for a Marxist as president with a questionable background and only six months or so experience in elected politics. Why, because he has dark skin. No other reason, none at all. Listen to what they say or post in Internet forums and chats. They thought it’d all be about change, because he is “From the ‘hood”, he knows, he’s been there”. No, he doesn’t, he was raised by Marxists and Left Wing Loonies to hate America. No, this is not a rant about a president, somebodies, not mine, it is about what this puppet dictator from the Crat Party was a part of.

It’s about two sets of documents. The first is the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights. The second is that scree, that mile high pile of dreck passed by congress and El Presidente.

Back to the first, that forms the foundation of the greatest nation in the world today. It was compiled more than two hundred years ago, and is the standard by which similar documents are crafted to this day. It sets fourth the responsibilities and limits of the our entire federal government. And takes about two or three hours to read and barely requires a junior highschool education to understand. Try it,  the links are in the above paragraph. Yes, I have read them, so no liberal Left Wing Looney is going to snow-job me. Got that? Good.

In contrast, the pile of trash comprising the Health Care Reform act is not tens, not hundreds but thousands of pages long and requires a platoon of lawyers to decipher, and, doesn’t set a foundation to a new country. On the contrary, it contributes to dismantling one.

So, I ask the Left Wing Loonies, Just what were you thinking? Or, were you even thinking in the first place?

Conyers, what… where do I start?


Jesus Christ, these people must get more stupid by the day. I’m almost at a loss for words. This guy is perfect fodder for Jacks Notes. But there is so much, I hardly know where to begin.

Well, here we go. Do you want to know one of the many examples as to why I’m Conservative? Well, watch John Conyers, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, make a complete and total ass of himself here.

Yes, he said that. He actually thinks we are stupid. Well, he also forgot that there’s this little thing that Al Gore “invented” called the Internet, and on that, the World Wide Web, which allows us, the Great Unwashed, to look up and investigate what the low life politicians, like him,  say and do. So, even though he does know what is in the Constitution, he thinks we don’t or can’t find out.  I, Palomar Jack, classify him and any “Constitutional Scholars” that agree with him as morons with a lack of common sense in good standing.

You have a nice day, Mr. Conyers.

And yes, I know Algore did not claim to invent the Internet, but he did claim to be the main mover and shaker in getting it into “prime time”. All without knowing what TCP/IP or HTTP  is or what a browser is for, and probably still doesn’t.

Hey, but he does know how to spell “potato”.

Caulk Butt Augmentations


That’s right, women have turned up in Newark area hospitals with massive infections in their butt cheeks due to injections of caulk, petroleum jelly and silicone to make their butts shapelier. Now, with the exception of reconstructive surgery, changing the body you were dealt is rather stupid.  But, to go to a seedy motel room to get the above concoction injected in your butt is moronic. I know, it’s against the law to offer it, but think about it, why should it be? If someone is dumb enough to change a perfectly good and functional body part, and worse yet, have it done like this deserves what they get.

Don’t believe me?

Don’t ask me, I don’t know.