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Palomar Jack, Prophet at Large


I’m going to predict one of two courses that our nation (United States) will take in the next two years. There can be no other. What inspired me to go into one of my trances, channel the Founding Fathers and envision (Use common sense, in other words) our potential futures? Well, some knucklehead Loony Left Liberal asked, to no one in particular, “What can ‘Bay-rock Obamma’ do to ensure his initiatives pass?” Well, I’ll let you know. Easy, in just five steps he could make sure that everything goes as he planned. So, without further ado, here they are:

Step 1. Impose martial law by executive order.

Step 2. Suspend elections or suspend the results of the same by executive order.

Step 3. Dissolve congress by executive order.

Step 4. Dissolve the Supreme Court by executive order.

All to protect us from ourselves… by executive order. It’s that easy. The executive order is a very powerful law. It gives the sitting Commander in Chief immense power and stays in effect until a succeeding president cancels it. At this point the Left Wing Loonies are saying, “I knew it, that Palomar Jack is not as smart as he thinks he is, he said five steps, not four”. Well, while you Left Wing Loonies go back to looking for your penny in the corner of a round room, I’ll give everybody with an IQ over room temperature the fifth step.

Question, if the first four steps are taken, do you think the US military will back Obama? As they say in Southern Britain, “Not bloody likely”. And if you think I’m the only one who considered this, you’re more stupid than Obama. And if he didn’t, one of his “Czars” or puppet masters did. You see, we owe a great deal of money to China and Russia. What would their position be if a civil war started here that endangered their “investments”. Do you think they would even hesitate in the least if Obama authorized them to fight for his dictatorial government in trade for the West Coast and Alaska, maybe Hawaii, too?

…by executive order.



Step 5.

The other course is, after the Mid-Term elections, the next congress repeals everything Obama and his puppet master Democrat Party passed by fiat because those are the constituent’s choices, due to who will be elected to serve. Let the chips fall where they may, “man-up” and simply admit he was wrong and this is not what the majority of people of The United States wanted after all. We’ll see.

At first, I thought he was actually very smart, dare I say intelligent, though thoroughly misguided due to the successful indoctrination imposed upon him by his family and college “professors”, and I use that term loosely. But I fear he is not only indoctrinated, I think he’s also just… plane… stupid. If that were not the case, he’d be back-peddling and kissing up to the voting public, congress be damned, right now, in order to save his own ass from an immensely embarrassing loss in 2012, of epic proportions.

The observation concerning China reminds me of an ancient Chinese course, “May you live in interesting times”. Gang, you better hope the times ahead stay boring, very, very boring. If you want to be prepared for “interesting times”, check out my new section, Common Sense for Uncommon People.

Speaking of common sense, you Left Wing Loony Morons that lack even a gram of common sense have a world of interesting times ahead of you, and a world of hurt. I pity you.