About Jacks Notes

The title should sound familiar, kind of like Cliffs Notes (TM), but that is where the similarity ends. My sub title pretty much says it all. Also, this is a web log, not a “blog”, that is something my cat yacks up.

This is a place for my entertainment and entertainment of others at the expense of those who deserve it.  A place for me to post my opinions on many subjects regarding morons and their deficiencies in things like logic, deductive reasoning, counter intuitive opinions and of course, a complete lack of common sense. It is also used to point out those who consider themselves above the rest of us and as a result think we lack common sense. They’re known as politicians.  Now, if you can not handle people saying what is on their mind and are offended by point blank politically incorrect commentary,  leave. If you’re the type that spills hot coffee in your crotch and then wants to sue someone, are the judge that allows such a suit to proceed or the member of a jury that awards such a suit, leave. If you are incapable of posting legible text with reasonable spelling and grammar or “feel” that the government is infallible and is only interested in our well being, you should leave. This web log is not for you, it’s about you. However, if you insist, and post something that could be construed as moronic behavior, you will be at my and anyone else’s mercy who has an IQ above room temperature. You have been warned.

Why the “attitude” you may ask? Well, frankly I’m sick and tired of the lack of common sense in the world today. If I can turn around even one person from a life of  a lack of common sense, then it is all worth it.

Finally, this is a benign dictatorship. I answer to no one. You have no first amendment rights here and least of all a right to be “heard”. If you insist, I can pretty much guarantee you will be at best ignored. At worst, well, you don’t want that if you value your pride in the least.

The categories are:

Morons in Amateur Radio

That’s right, even such a past time like Amateur Radio has morons. Thankfully, they’re in the vast minority, but they are there, none the less. Amateur Radio requires that potential licensees exhibit different levels of technical competence in the science of radio communications, currently on three levels in the US, Technician, General and Extra class licenses. However, there is no current exam for actual intelligence and common sense. I’m not going to ridicule those that did not learn the knowledge needed for the exam. Some may have already had it, others memorized the exams and even a few may have bribed the volunteer examiners, it does not matter to me in this case. I’ve known some who did “buy” their licenses and are exceptional Radio Amateurs. What concerns me in this category is the ones that abuse their privileges.

Some are more careful at covering their moronic behavior, they jam QSOs, on air Amateur Radio conversations, with music, recordings and other noises, then get on later like nothing happened. Others are far more subtle, they will act like another is their friend, but get on the phone or band the “mark” does not have access to and talk about them. There are also those that will ask for and get help with all sorts of projects that do or do not have anything to do with Amateur Radio. Then, when it comes time for a return favor, they can’t be found or make excuses for why they can’t return the favor.

Morons in Politics

This one will probably grow the fastest. The number of political morons is staggering. They’re in federal and state governments, Hollywood and too much of the time, in the vehicle in front of you.  They want free health care, free rent and free money. Well, I’ve got news for these leaches, if you get those things free, you won’t get Liberty, free or otherwise. You see, to get something, you have to give something. In this case, that’s your freedom.

General, Morons in my Space

This is that special place for the morons I encounter near or in my space. You do or say something stupid or end up with a Darwin Award, you will it find it mentioned here.

These clowns are who this web log is dedicated to.

Now, sit back and enjoy my take on the politically correct lack of common sense in the world today.

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