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Earth Hour, Yeah, I Participated


You bet I did. Here’s how; I replaced every energy efficient CFL with a very in-efficient incandescent lightbulb, set my refrigerator to maximum, set the thermostat to 85 degrees, turned on all the yard lights and let ALL of my Amateur Radio gear idle even though I did not intend on using it. And last, but not least, turned on the headlights in both of my cars and started the engines so the batteries would not go dead. I tell you, my yard was a virtual cornucopia of light and CO2 pollution, I was proud.

I did that last year, too.

You see, during Earth Hour I don’t celebrate some moronic anti-global warming warm-and-fuzzy bunch of symbolic crap. I celebrate the achievements of Western Civilization. I celebrate a time when, as Micheal Savage says, the chrome was thick and the women were straight. I celebrate two of my interests, electricity and electronics. Tell me, how the hell can I do that in a darkened room? I can’t, and I won’t.

So, what’s my plans for Vladimir Lenin, the Russian Marxist revolutionaries birthday? Probably the same thing. Now, for you left wing morons, why did I say Lenins birthday? Well, once again, if you did not vote for Obama and do not participate in Earth Hour the “accepted” way, you have an IQ well past 100 and know what is significant about Lenins birthday. It’s April 22. Sound familiar? Yup, Earth Day. My, what coincidence. Anyway, that’s right, for 24 hours I’m going to use more energy than any 10 left wing hippie Earth Firsters can save, because I can, and because I can afford it. That’s right, I’m going to offset the stupidity of at least ten losers by using the energy they save to increase the profits of energy companies, because in my book, they are the real hero’s in the advancement of Western Civilization. Not some left wing weenie morons with too much time on their hands.