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Can You Handle True Beauty?


It seems many people can’t. On this one all kinds came out. Everything from Atheist to Zealot. I am truly disappointed in half of the people on the Internet. I only hope they don’t represent half of human population. What do I speak of? Not what, who. Before you click this link, I’m warning you, you may be shocked and even repulsed. Now, who is it? That would be this woman. Now, what did you see? Did you see it? Was it ugliness? Was it a deformed monster? Was it something that should be euthanized and forgotten about? Or did you see a warm smile? Did you see a cheerful personality? Did you see a loving family that accepts her for who, and what she is? Can you accept her for the same?

Or are you one of the dirtbags that are so shallow, arrogant and self centered that you can’t even look past her condition. Are you one of the types like the 50% that commented negatively? Frankly, if you are, you make me want to puke. You know that? Why? Because it leaves a pit in my stomach to know that someone, somehow, genetically related to me, and her, can be so emotionally and intellectually stunted. To put it bluntly you are low, lower than whale shit. Trust me, that’s pretty damn low.

What are some of the comments? Scroll down to have a look. Though not all are, some jack-ball atheist said “This is proof there is no God”. Hey, dimwit, how do you know it’s not irrefutable proof there is God? Review those photos and look at the happiness and joy she spreads just by being alive. When was the last time you did the same rather than trying to put down those that don’t follow your “belief”.

Then we’ve got the beauty zealots. The “If it’s not attractive, put it out of it’s misery” types. As for you retards, can you think of another point in our history when there was a regime that felt the exactly same way you do? Come on, pull your pot infused head out of your ass. Still having a hard time with my question? Try Nazi Germany. They were well on their way to producing the exact culture you’re proposing through your comments. Maybe Beauty Zealot might not be the proper term. Beauty Nazi, ah, now there is a term that fits you well, very well indeed.

There’s one more group of people, and I use that term loosely, that I have to rip on. The ones that make their little schoolyard sex jokes about her anatomy. I really don’t know whether I should pity you, or search you out one by one and kick your ass into adulthood. You think you are just all that when it comes to humor. Truthfully, you would not make a pimple on a comedians ass. Get over it, your jokes were not funny in Grade School and they’re not funny now. On the contrary, they’re every bit as stupid.

You three groups represent the pride that is the moronic portion of our society.

Finally, the rest. The ones that could see her warmth, her smile and her joy of just being alive. Something tells me she feels very fortunate to be in the Western Civilization, as we do. If she’d been born in a Third World country, or worse, we would have never known of her. We celebrate her life and hope she lives a long and meaningful one. Contrary to the atheist above, this young woman represents the face of true beauty that only the likes of an all powerful, all caring Creator can give.