Obama the Destroyer

That’s right, this useless piece of flotsam should have a tore back old navy destroyer  named in his honor, if he had any. Where am I going with this? Here, feast your eyes on this:

“Big deal…”, you may ask, “…a graph”. Well, this is a very special graph. It’s a graph of the performance of the New York Stock Exchange for last week. The other major markets show similar stats. The thing is, our economy is very much tied to the markets. The fact that it shows dips and peaks is nothing peculiar. What is peculiar is the dates below. Something happened then, and the mainstream media never even connected it to the markets, an  accidental omission, I’m sure. “Okay,” you say, “get to the point, Jack”. Okay, on Friday our illustrious leader opened his pie-hole in India, said something like, “Now the United States  is more like the rest of the world, our economy is closer to the status quo, but we have a ways to go, yet”.

What also happened over the weekend? Oh, not much. It was announced the Fed is just going to print another $800,000,000,000 in funny money for more bailouts. I guess they missed a few groups that supported him during his campaign last printing.

So, there you have it, Obama the Destroyer, the destroyer of markets, economies and nations. In particular, ours. Hey, I didn’t say it, he did. So, you left wing loonies and progressives, who ya’ gonna’ vote for in two years, now? Come on you left wing morons, do I have to draw pictures for you with a big purple crayon and annotate them in single syllable words?



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