…From the Mouths of babes

“Just the tip of the iceberg” comes to mind, too. This kid Cody Alicea’s got balls, you know that? He’s 13 and has more balls than the entire Democrat (‘Crat) Party, and most of the Republicans (‘Pubs), too. I say, as soon as he’s 30 appoint him to one of the houses of Congress and make him a leader, there of. You think I’m joking, get off your butt and click the link.

Ya’ back? Good, you see, this is the type of person the ‘Crats, some ‘Pubs and left wing progressive loonies are terrified of. And they should be. You see, they whine, piss and moan about how the Conservatives are bullies. I call…

>>> BULLCRAP! <<<

Like I said, click the damn link and see who the bullies really are. The problem with the left is, they’re the true spineless bullies. Do they back down when a Big Brother or Sister shows up to kick ass on those that give his baby brother or sister grief, or what? You bet they do. Don’t screw with family, you jack asses. And Conservative is all about family.

Shame on you if you only skimmed, because you may have missed the part where Superintendent Edward Parraz said “…the campus recently experienced some racial tension. He said some students got out of hand on Cinco de Mayo”. So the hell what? How is that Aliceas problem? Even if that spineless “superintendent” and I use that term loosely, has to fallow this kid to school every day to protect him, so be it. If he was a real patriot he would have, proudly. Was the ban on Aliceas free speech really about “protecting him” him. Sure, why not?

Also, get a load as to who had to carry this story. That’s right Mostly Snotty Nonsense and Bull Crap. Too bad, they had to because they know their collective butts and credibility is on the skyline, perfect for people like me to pick them off.

You see, that’s what I mean when I say, “Tip of the iceberg”. Yup, as the left found out, yet again, you screw with the tip, the rest is going to come crashing down on your little Gay/Left/Progressive pride parade and screw your whole friggin’ day down the tubes. That’s what I call a man sized can of common sense, you left wing loony morons.



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