Question for Communists in the Free World

Okay, so it may not be a question, per se. More like a few questions and observations. There is a very small group of people in the Free World in general, and here in the United States in particular, that call themselves “Communists”. I know you (Communists) will spout off that you are a great many. Uh, no, I used a very unscientific, but accurate tool to find out. YouTube. That’s right, YouTube. You see, there are many, many videos posted by the CPUSA (Communist Party United States of America) and other individuals and damn few favorable replies. And the ones that are in favor seem to be in need of serious spell checking and proof reading. Okay, sorry, I could not resist, but it’s true.

Now, when many people post their replies they at some point state the nation they live in or currently reside. Again, YouTube is an invaluable tool to sample demographics on a rapid scale that is actually, accurate. And what did YouTube tell me at this point? None of these replies were from communist nations, they’re from Germany, the US, Britain, France, Canada, etc.

Did I mention they seem to be lacking in control of grammar and spelling? Why yes, but I only alluded to it, so I’ll simply get to the point and say, unequivocally, yes, they do.

Alright now. We have concluded they are few in number, and from generally free nations. My first question is, where are the supporters of communism from communist nations? For example, China, N. Korea and Cuba. Those countries can’t even muster a presence on the Internet sufficient in size to make an apparent majority of people in favor of communism. It would not take much. Any hacker with a rudimentary knowledge of TCP/IP and HTML could do it. Well, any answers?

The next question. Have any of you CBM (Commie Booster Network) members in the Free World ever lived in a communist nation. I’ll wager you have not. How do I know? Easy, there are no replies on YouTube from a communist nation. See, that is how easy it is. Simple, raw, unadulterated logic. Gotta’ love it.

What we have here is a vast minority of people, albeit with very loud squeaky voices, that want to change the political structure of various republics to a communist based system.  The inertia for this kind of change is insurmountable for such a small group of people. After all, they have virtually no help from communist nations. I ask this question, not in sarcasm, but with respect. Why not simply immigrate to a communist nation in the first place? Really, it’s all set up and ready to go. No huge majority of ignorant rubes to deal with while trying to get them to see the light. Think about it, you don’t have to take anything more than a small suitcase because everything is provided for you. You don’t even have to haul so much as a laptop computer with you, because you would not be allowed to have it, at the very least, Internet access. Again, I’m not being sarcastic. These are simply the facts.

This is what I know about communism:
I would have no right to owning anything, not even this laptop.
I would not have a choice of where to live.
I would not have a choice of career.
I would not have a choice of physician when ill.
I would not have a choice of how to invest, or not, my savings.
I would not be allowed to have this web log.
I would get the necessary resources to live, but no more.
I would get surveiled by the government, at every turn.
I would get a government approved re-education.

Lastly, I also know that communism is just the same old washed up ideology as, Aristocracies, Autocracies, Monarchies, Oligarchies and such. Yes, they are all the same as communism. One or a small group of people have control over all others. It comes down to the State owning everything and the individual owning nothing. The idealist communists will disagree. They will say that communism in its pure form is equal distribution of wealth. Oh, fine and dandy. How many times has it been tried? What always happens? You end up with China, N. Korea and Cuba in the end, every time, without fail. The same old worn out tyranny with a different name.

Now, your job is to sell me on communism. Go ahead, give it a try. Unless of course, you’re not really a communist and are actually just trying to be “counter culture”, use communism as “shock value”. Well, whether you’re a phony or the real thing, you’re still a moron.



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