I made This

Without reading past them, can anyone identify who made the below statements?

1. Self reliance weakens The Party and must be discouraged.

2. Placing people in “Classes” discourages cooperation which strengthens The Party.

3. Class warfare strengthens The Party by weakening the wealthy.

4. Encouraging conflict between classes by instilling envy in the lower one strengthens The Party by making the “lower” class dependent on it.

I bet that made some professional Google Users nuts. No, I won’t tell you yet. Instead, let us dissect them. They do sound like something that would spew forth from the pie-hole of “Stalin”, “Marx” or “Lennon”, or, a future “Obama”. But I digress. Let us start with item #1. Self reliance is not only discouraged by dictators, but also left wing loonies and the Democrat Party. It’s obvious how and why in a tyrannical regime, but how with the ‘Crats. Well, we are told that we are hurting the environment, so we must ride city buses. We are told that people who own guns are nuts and we must depend on government for protection. We are told only the government can properly administer health care.

Item #2. The Left wing loonies and unions tell us, with the main stream media, that “Management is out to get us”. They’re mean and want to see us suffer and make a buck in the process. Of course, the Democrat party is right in line with this.

Item #3. By encouraging class warfare between those who are not wealthy and those that are, it potentially weakens the wealthy because there are more votes from the less wealthy. The result is insanely high taxes on the wealthy, who hier the “lower” classes. Talk about “Biting the hand that feeds you”.  As a result, Democrats and their union lapdogs stay in power.

Item #4. The left wing loonies, mainstream media, unions and, of course, ‘Crat Party tells people who are not wealthy that those that are, stole it from them, on the backs on the “little guy”, when in reality, most earned it the hard way. And many times had to go through bankruptcy, one, two, three and sometime even more times before they “Got it right”. Instead of pointing at the wealthy saying “There, see, he/she did it through hard work and self reliance, you can too”, we are told “They’re just lucky crooks that got away with it”.

Now don’t get me wrong. Republicans can be just as devious. But, at least they are for a free market economy, for the most part, where everybody has an equal chance to “Make it big”, or stay working for someone else. It’s their choice and neither should be condemned for that choice. Of course the last time the ‘Pubs were too busy kissing ‘Crat Party ass because they don’t know how to be “In power”. Maybe this time it’ll be different.

Oh, yeah, who penned those statements that sound so eloquently communist? Me. That just goes to show it does not take a mealy mouthed tyrant, politician or college professor to come up with a thought Marx would love. How did I make it sound authentic? Look at how the left wing progressives, unions mainstream media and Democrat party present themselves, “Think inside the box”, like a communist for example, and type out a quick little manifesto. It took all of about five minutes. Now, does that say anything about some college professor in someplace like UC Berkley? It says to me they’re overpaid morons without a clue, or common sense.



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