FINANCIAL REFORM BILL – Here we go again

I was watching as the current, uh, administration ripped into British Petroleum ad nauseam because of the Gulf Gusher. Day after day, all we heard was BP this, BP that, BP, BP, BP. And here I am scratching my head wondering why, they were the biggest contributor, a foreign entity no less, to the Obama campaign. I wasn’t buying it, I knew it was just a matter of time before another shoe would drop. And, I was not at all disappointed. An entire Payless franchise dropped with a resounding thud “Heard round the world”. Shall we proceed?

It seems that the usual suspects are once again behind a bloated scree consisting of, get this, 2315 pages, 325 more than that Medical Reform debacle, of legal gobblety-goop. Some ask, “Why are these bills so big”? Simple, pile on all the lawyer speak and other distractions and you can hide all kinds of things in there. Who are the usual suspects? That would be to start with Chris Dodd, D-Connecticut, and Barney Frank, D-Massachusetts, neither of which even ran a lemon aid stand. But if they tried would, send it into a financial flat-spin to ruin. Then we have the usual yes men hanging onto their coat tails like the parasites they are. To wit, the entire Democrat party except Sen. Russ Feingold D- Wisconsin and three GOP jack-ball turncoats Susan Collins, R(D)-Maine,  Olympia J. Snowe, R(D)-Maine and Scott Brown, R(D)-Massachusetts. As an aside, that Snowe looks like what you’d get if you pitched the Wicked Witches of the East and the West into a trash compacter, and turned it. Kind of like what most, er, all Democrat female politicians look like. You’d think with a name like that she could at least make herself look somewhat attractive. But I digress.

So, where is the above spoken of “shoe”? Buried in this bill, of course. It seems that there is a mention that certain companies can get gobs of money through credit card fee loop-holes direct from the very customers that make them wealthy. British Petroleum wsn’t content with, presiding over getting a convicted terrorist released, throwing piles of money at the Obama campaign and ignoring oil platform safety rules, now through back-door deals, they get to soak their customers for even more money through credit fees. You see, that’s what you get when a foreign entity with domestic interests supports a presidential candidate.

Some uninformed people are saying things like, “I just won’t buy BP products”, or, “I’ll just use cash”. No, you’re still thinking along the lines of what the world was like fifty years ago. The facts are, if you buy any petroleum products, you probably will be buying, in part, BP products. You see, the dirty secret, which is not really dirty, is that if you buy Shell fuel, you may be getting Chevron because Shell will buy from a Chevron refinery wholesale if it’s cheaper than shipping their own product. Or, it could be a Chevron station with BP product in it’s tanks. It’s one way that they keep prices down. It’s a “dirty” secret because they don’t tell us these things. But it’s their precognitive, so what? Use cash? Yeah, sure. Remember, we don’t have cash and credit prices at the pump any more. That’s right, it’s averaged out. Forget it, you’re getting soaked whether you like it or not.

So if you’re an Anti-Big Oil left wing looney, you just got hosed like the rest of us by your own Democrat party. How does it feel now, moron. Maybe next time you’ll use common sense at the polls.

Further Reading:

Washington Times story

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The scree itself, you’ll need Adobe Reader 8 and a lot of time, though.


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