I’m moving to Arizona…

At least I wish I could. But for now I’ve got too many family obligations so I’m stuck with California. So, just where am I going with this? Let’s start with this video by Governor Jan Brewer. Now this installment to Jacks Notes is not about support of AZ SB1070, that is obvious. It’s about the morons against it. To be specific, the ones that leave snarky replies to the comment sections of videos like this one. The comment section is not the right venue for an editorial type article, so it’s here.

The biggest thing the progressive left can come up with regarding SB170 is profiling. I know, I know, profiling is soooooo bad. Instead of sitting here and typing out a ten page dissertation about how SB1070 is not about profiling, I’m going to go right for the progressive lefts neck and ask what is so bad about profiling? We’re all guilty of it. But this is about enforcing federal law, so that’s where it will stay.

Let’s say a peace officer spots a slow moving vehicle roaming through your neighborhood and executes a stop. They just profiled that vehicle. Are you going to run out and tell the cop that he’s profiling? Some of you might, but I digress. No, you’re going to be relieved that cop is on the ball. Now, let’s say that vehicle is a van or covered truck headed into the parking basement of a skyscraper with a Middle Eastern driver at the wheel? Or, a big old station wagon with expired tags full of Mexican looking guys headed North? Yeah, they’re headed to a Ping-Pong Championship in Flagstaff, right? No, and they also will vote for whoever get’s them made legal by fiat.

So, all this sniveling is really not about profiling, or equal rights. It’s about votes. And if you’re of the opinion otherwise, either you’re lying, or you’re a moron. Either way, I’ve got no god damned use for you, except as cannon fodder for the artillary range that is Jacks Notes. And no, it’s not about the money that corporations save by highering them. Because if they weren’t taxed, fee’d and regulated beyond any intelligent reason, they could higher all legal citizens and legal aliens.

So, now you know who’s fault the illegal alien problem is, power greedy politicians, plain and simple. The same politicians that use social programs to give away free money for votes. And if you still don’t get it, you’re not just an epic level moron, you’re a politically blind epic level moron that would not know common sense if it sat on your face and wiggled.


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