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To be exact, this one. This loser seems to think it’s funny hiding behind a re-mailer service. I was thinking about just forewording the email source to the re-mailing service and let them take care of it, but then I thought to myself, “Self, what are you doing? You thrive in this type of environment. Jack with him in public so everyone can enjoy it”.

Well, we’ll call him “Cupcake”. You see, there is one of, or a combination of reasons Cupcake is doing this; He wishes he was me, being able to speak my mind in a cogent, intellegent and entertaining fashion without hiding in anonymity. Had a station like mine that sounds very good, with I freely admit, the help of others on line and on the air. He feels he has less power over his life so he tries to have power over mine. He’s bored and is hoping to get my goat. Sorry Cupcake, I’m a little short of goats. Good luck with that anyway.

So, without further adue, let me introduce my own piss-ant loser of a stalker. The first thing he sent accurately displays his level of intelligence in startling detail. It was actually not sent to me, but you will enjoy it none the less. From here on, anything that ole Cupcake sent is in baby blue. Now, suffice it to say, if you’re prone to migraines, you may want to think twice before reading it. You have been warned.

From: “Non scrivetemi” <>
Subject: CC: Letter to Laura Smith.
Date: June 23, 2010 9:30:11 PM PDT
Dear Laura,

It grieves me to write you to express my complaint as a U.S., citizen and war veteran over a violation of FCC rules from KxxxR. For the past month, KxxxR broadcasting on frequency 3840kHz out of Phelan, California; Frank has conduct that is ill repute and antagonistic towards the current FCCS rules. Mr. Frank Rxxxxo continues to plug/advertise implore listeners to buy “Ameritron” and Walter Maxwell’s book “Reflections III” although mere mention is okay, Frank continually plugs these item on frequency 3840kHz, nightly which leads one to believe that he may have a financial interest in those items. The conversation also reverts to other Ameritron shills who in esscence turn 3840hHz into an infomercial about those items. In addition to his infomercial solicitations Mr. Rxxxxo continually makes anti discriminatory remarks and epithets towards Mexican-Americans. Please keep in mind, Frank has never presented any evidence, about “what a Mexican-American has done harm to him” so collectively his bigotry is a blemish amongst the law abiding ham radio operators, who reserve judgment. Therefore because of Frank Rxxxxo’s demeanor and violations we (dx’ers) ask the FCC to conduct un announced inspections of Frank Rxxxxo’s broadcasting site to see if he is in compliance of FCC shortwave broadcasting rules i.e., power output and grossly altered equipment manipulation. Hence a shortwave license is a privilege not a right. Also we would like to propose that the FCC issue “Corrective Consultations” for his unruly and arrogant operators since ham licensees could be consider subordinates of the Federal Communication Commission. Laura thank you for your hard word in keeping the shortwave frequencies ethical for its world wide listeners.


S.Goldstein (Ret. MSGT UAF)

Now if that did not summon a “cringe”, nothing will. First, a Master Sergent of anything would not even consider crafting such a scree. Second, if this “Fat Purple Crayon” written complaint were emailed to, Laura L. Smith, Special Counsel, she would foreword it to the ARRL, requesting them to ask the Amateur Radio community to refrain from sending barely legible emails from non-existent individuals that give her migraines when she tries to read them.

Next, we have a very bizarre email. By the way, before we proceed, Cupcake resorts to single syllable metaphors. Clearly a sign of significant intelligence, compared to the above mentioned piss-ant. So be warned.

Date: July 3, 2010 4:50 AM PDT

So, what have we here? In the subject line, is he asking if I’m a “gold digger”? Or miss-using the question mark? Either way, it’s a head-scratcher. Please note that this arrived at 4:50 AM. Trust me, it’s not because he actually awakes at that time to go to some kind of job. I’ll explain below.


Yes, I know a “Ron” 20 miles west of me. Same one? Please specify.


So? As far as I know, with very rare exceptions, Amateur Radio stations do need some kind of antenna/s.


What, who, where? Uh, erm, I’ve got nothing.


Don’t ask me.


I guess he’s telling me that I’ll “Roll On The Floor and Laugh My Ass Off” when I read this. It still puts a smile on my face, so he’s right.


I could go on for another paragraph with this one. I’ll just ask, “What is it with his fascination with the male sex organ”? You folks decide, I’ve already come to my conclusions.

He’s given up on sending any body text in his emails. My only conclusion is he’s running out of material. I suspect the bulk of it went into the Laura L. Smith, Special Counsel letter.

Subject: UP YOUR FUCKING W H I G G E R!!!!!!
Date: July 4, 2010 9:39 PM PDT

Curious, either his grammar is still, shall we say, “stunted”, or he is loosing control over his cognitive abilities. I’ll vie for both.

Subject: UP YOURS FUCKING W H I G G E R!!!!!!
Date: July 4, 2010 9:52 PM PDT

He appears to be getting repetitious, to some extent.

Date: July 4, 2010 10:36 PDT

The best I can discern here is he’s getting so enraged that he’s breaking into barking like a scolded little puppy. Bad Cupcake! Bad!

Date: July 4, 2010 11:36 PDT

At this point, let me enlighten those that don’t mingle with the, shall we say, underbelly of society. I looked it up and it appears a “whigger” is a white nigger. Now, the original definition of a “nigger” is slang for a person from Nigeria. As far as I know, I’m not from there. Oh well, I’ve  been called worse. He called me “Big”? What can I say? Thanks! But why would that be his concern? And Frank is my Whigglet”. I got a complete zero on this one. I tried Google, Dog Pile and even Urban Dictionary and I couldn’t pin down a solid definition. My only guess is that ole Cupcake has completely run out of actual words, slang or otherwise, and is now making up fictional ones to try and anger me by insulting Frank with them. Go figure. By the way Cupcake, ya’ kinda’ spelled ma’ name wrong.

Now, we know who this clown is. He got fired from his job by his own dad. Seems he was caught in some kind of impropriety while a subcontractor for a law enforcement agency and got put in The Can for it. He is also of Sock Puppet fame. The guy that exploded right on Amateur Radio frequency 3.840Mhz the night Frank, KxxxR got back on the air after a hiatus. This explains the “Underbelly of Society” comment above.

This is going to be fun, that is if he actually grows a set and continues entertaining me with his immature rantings. Either way, he’s still a moron in good standing desperately searching for an adult sized dose of common sense.

Good luck with that, there Cupcake.


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