I’ve gone “Green”!

That’s right, I’ve gone Green. Today, I’m celebrating soviet dictator Vladimir Lenins birthday. Just by coincidence, it’s also Earth Day.  So, how am I celebrating? Just like the old, decrepit Soviet Union, by being as inefficient with energy and resources as possible. By using as much energy, electricity & fuel as I can afford. I’m leaving the refrigerator open while I make sandwiches, lights on & turning the headlights of both of my SUVs on tonight for a couple of hours with engines running so the batteries don’t die. See, the same basic thing that the “New Workers Paradise”, Communist China, does also.

And for “icing on the cake”, I’m sticking it in the eye of environazies, too.

Yes, I know we are told that its a coincidence of Earth Day being on the same day as Lennins Birthday. I can buy that. But let me ask a question, why was it not changed? Trust me, if someone pointed out it was on Ronald Reagan’s, Richard Nixon’s or horror of horrors, Rush Limbaugh’s birthday, they’d have wrenched their backs out of place in the mad dash to change it. Just rantings of a paranoid right winger? Maybe, but how many other similar changes to our lexicon and history to appease some weeny group, social class or race are there?

Hispanics became Latinos, even though the Latin civilization died centuries ago.

The jungle became a rain forest, even though you’d never say “It’s a rain forest out there”.

The Pilgrims celebrated being helped by indians, even though they really celebrated the newly discovered Free Market Economy.

There are no longer North American Indians, they’re Native Americans, even though I too am a Native American as is evidenced of my being born here.

There is no longer a “World”, it is a Planet or Globe, because they sound smaller and more fragile to those with an IQ in the double digits.

So, there you go, that’s why when you hear me on the amateur bands or read my postings here or other places, you won’t hear or see “Politically Corrected” speech. You get the nitty-gritty. Because the way I see it, if someone can’t handle a certain word I speak or use, they don’t need me to change the way I speak, they need to stop being a thin skinned moron in desperate need of common sense.


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