Tea Party Flags are Weapons?

You know, just when I thought the ‘Crats could not get any more oppressive, they take it to a completely new level. Yet another example of moronic short sightedness and lack of common sense here. You want to sow the seeds for civil war, this is how it’s done. Yeah, I know it’s Fox News. Get over it, it’s accurate, I checked. There will be another post regarding the morons that can’t handle news being presented in a non biased fashion like the reply posted on Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 06:48 PM by the “Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews” moron, or at least, “less biased”. By the way, any people like him are welcome here, if you can handle the embarrassment I will dish up.

But I digress, what will come next? I won’t offer anything, it could be used by them. After all, the lack of common sense is also indicative of a lack of creativity and intelligence. You know, If I were a leader of this particular Tea Party “Chapter”, or even just a member, I would insist everybody carry the biggest flag on the biggest pole they could handle, everybody. They want to arrest people for carrying flags? They can arrest all of us. Call it a political uprising. The left wing loonies use political uprisings all the time. Yes, they would make an example of a few people, but what would have to happen is that there would be a coordinated effort to support those “examples” from bail to such an overwhelming legal support that the offending government entity would have to drop the charges. Once that precedent is set, any future attempts at the same kind of laws would be nearly impossible to enforce. That’s how the Left does it. The difference is, the Left is made of those that don’t work and can actually spend some time in the Can while the ACLU bails them out. If you are a Tea Party member, this is the chance you have to take. One way, is that those that can afford a little “time off” surround and shield those that can’t. You have to sacrifice a little. I’m sorry, but there it is. Let’s see if this happens. Or, will they just roll over, leave their flags at home and do what the “People that know best” tells them to do.


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