Are you a liberal, or a Liberal?

You know, there are group of people out there that hate anything, anyone says that they disagree with to the point that they would want to see them silenced, expelled from the United States, jailed or worse. They attend “marches”, peace rallies and all matter of aggregations of unwashed bodies. But let a peaceful protest that they disagree with take place and “it’s on”. They will see to it that an opposing parties rights are removed, even if it means theirs are, for the good of “The Body”. Call out the police, the National Guard and of course, the ACLU!

That’s right, they are the so-called liberal. Notice I don’t properly capitalize “liberal”, it’s quite by intent. The reason I say “so-called” is because they would not make a pimple on true Liberals butt. We have different opinions, but they would have never even implied that a person of a differing opinion or ideology be silenced. Ever. They believe in “Letting the chips fall where they may” and the majority will make the right choice, as do I. They have my eternal respect.

But the modern “progressive” liberal? That’s another story, here’s why; They’ll tell you that they believe in the First Amendment religiously, just like the “Old School” Liberal. Then, howl in horror when a Christian or Jew prays in a government building. They spew endlessly about the First Amendment, then say the Second should be repealed. They wrap themselves in the American flag, then, say it’s their right to burn it. Screech endlessly about how it’s their right to say, whether vocally, in literature or art whatever they please. But shout down, insult and otherwise attempt to silence opposing opinions. They say that the rich should pay their fare share, but have never even run a lemon aid stand. They want free education, medical, housing, food, Internet and also, they want freedom to be free. They want everybody to drive a tiny car, preferably one that runs on batteries. But, they’re free to drive their smoking, ancient gas guzzling VW beetle, filled with free gas of course, to the Peace March. They say they are smarter and more enlightened than the Right, but can’t, or won’t usually even attempt to master simple spelling and grammar.

For Christ’s sake! There’s free software with a word processor in it to help with that! It’s called Open Office!

They are a contradiction in terms, hypocrites, a blight on history, dare I say, “A polip in the colon of society”. Yes, a pre-cancerous growth that must be excised with the sanitizing light of truth, logic and reasoning. Otherwise… let them talk. Their prepubescent ramblings are an endless supply of amusement for me. To be presented here, degraded, disregarded and disposed of on the ash heap of history, as one would a soiled diaper.

Could they be… are they… “Morons with a complete lack of common sense”? I think we both know the answer to that.


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