Pot is Harmless

Hey, common sense says marijuana is really harmless, and actually good for you. That’s right, ask any pot user. It’s not addictive, cures cancer, encourages weight loss, opens your mind and is generally, as I said, harmless.

Or is it?

It’s not “physically” addictive. Yeah, I said physically. I won’t argue that point at all. It’s been scientifically proven. It’s also been scientifically proven that if all you give an animal is marijuana to eat, after a while, that’s all they’ll eat. Why, because it makes them feel good, no argument there. But, unlike hereon, for example, you deprive the subject of pot and return them to real food, they transition fine. My point is, pot is addictive, only emotionally and mentally, but still addictive.

The latest news I heard about pot, last night on an Amateur Radio frequency, of all places, is that it cures cancer. Okay, well, if it helps with nausea because of it, it probably cures it, right? As a matter of fact, it relieves nausea from any malady and cures them, too, right? Wrong, moron. The THC, Tetrahydrocannabinol, relieves the nausea from the chemotherapy and radiation used in the treatment of cancer and from other medications that cause nausea. The burning substances in the smoke however, well, that’s another story. Let’s put it this way, I’d rather start smoking cigarettes, alright? There’s more carcinogens in the smoke and residue from pot that even the “doctored” tobacco found in cigarettes. Yes, there is, don’t deny it, research it. And I don’t mean by asking other pot-heads and Medical Marijuana Quacks that make extra cash writing prescriptions to pot-heads that only have a marijuana addiction. And yes, Medical Marijuana Quacks do exist. You see, I’ve found myself short of funds a few times and had to attend a soup kitchen from time to time, not something I’m proud of. What dreck attends soup kitchens besides people like me? Pot-heads, that’s what. And I’ve heard them pass phone numbers of “enlightened” physicians that will write a Medical Marijuana prescription for anyone, for a price. So, don’t try and blow smoke up my ass trying to convince me otherwise.

Weight loss, well, duh. If you spend your waking hours smoking pot and only eat when you get the “munchies”, of course you’ll loose weight. Even an idiot can figure that out. But, then again, an idiot is smart enough to not smoke pot.

Opens my mind, huh? Uh, no, it makes you “think” your mind is opened. It actually closes it to anything but acquiring more pot to make you feel better. What opens my mind is a good nights sleep. I can then think clearly, have energy, be receptive to new ideas and technologies, for example, and be more informative while updating my web log, too. How many pot-heads can do that? Usually, all they do is sit on their butts sucking on a bong talking about how open minded and enlightened they are. I know, I hear them on the radio and have known more than one.

Harmless, yeah, really harmless. Let me tell you a story. There’s this pot-head I know, a shall we say, “proud” pot-head, with of course, an enlightened open mind. Hey, his words, not mine. Let’s say his name is Mitch. Well, you see, one day Mitch wanted some custom wheels on his pickup. No problem, he got some. Except Mitch owns a Chevy, and the rims were for a Ford. No problem, just slot the lug holes. Oh, how sad, the lug-nuts that came with the wheels were also for a Ford, different thread pitch. Well, that’s an easy fix, bust out the tap and die set and re-thread them for a Chevy. It’s all good, so, drive it around the dirt lot to check it out and the wheel passes muster. Time to hit the road, for a pot run, no doubt. And off pops the wheel, in traffic. Then, six months later, using his expertise in rotary dynamics, Mitch helps a friend by putting his spare on in place of a flat. Sounds easy, if you’re not an open minded enlightened pot-head. It was not seated all the way on the hub and, yup, it came off in traffic. When I asked him about his addiction and these gross errors of judgment and he said, “Of course, I wasn’t stoned at the time”. What was my reply? “Mitch, you’re a moron, in desperate need of common sense”.

Yup, pot is a harmless substance. Trust me. A very, very harmless substance.


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