The other night another station and I were in QSO about antennas, feed lines and baluns. Now these are the kind of things you will most likely hear during a conversation on an Amateur Radio frequency.  Things that have to do with electronics and radio electronics and technology in particular. There will be other things, things that have absolutely nothing to do with radio or electronics, it’s rather diverse.

So, just where am I going with this? Well, during the QSO some twerp pops off something like “You guys are boring”. Again, “What”?

Now, I know we are supposed to ignore hecklers and lids (Bad operators), but I could not ignore this idiot. I finished my reply to the other station, asked the “interloper” just what we should talk about on an amateur radio frequency and what his callsign is and got back, well, nothing. So I resumed my QSO to it’s conclusion.

Now, really, common sense says you will most likely hear conversations on an Amateur Radio frequency about, well, radio stuff. Am I wrong here? If someone does not like the subject, might I suggest you either keep your pie-hole shut, find a frequency where the QSO is to your liking, start a QSO to your liking on a vacant frequency or sell all that fancy-shmancy Amateur Radio gear and get yourself a really cool CB radio setup, because you do not deserve that license. And, you’re a moron.


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