What have we done?

Or, should I say, “What have the morons with a complete and total lack of common sense done”? Because at the time, the electorate was dominated by morons without common sense, they voted for a Marxist as president with a questionable background and only six months or so experience in elected politics. Why, because he has dark skin. No other reason, none at all. Listen to what they say or post in Internet forums and chats. They thought it’d all be about change, because he is “From the ‘hood”, he knows, he’s been there”. No, he doesn’t, he was raised by Marxists and Left Wing Loonies to hate America. No, this is not a rant about a president, somebodies, not mine, it is about what this puppet dictator from the Crat Party was a part of.

It’s about two sets of documents. The first is the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights. The second is that scree, that mile high pile of dreck passed by congress and El Presidente.

Back to the first, that forms the foundation of the greatest nation in the world today. It was compiled more than two hundred years ago, and is the standard by which similar documents are crafted to this day. It sets fourth the responsibilities and limits of the our entire federal government. And takes about two or three hours to read and barely requires a junior highschool education to understand. Try it,  the links are in the above paragraph. Yes, I have read them, so no liberal Left Wing Looney is going to snow-job me. Got that? Good.

In contrast, the pile of trash comprising the Health Care Reform act is not tens, not hundreds but thousands of pages long and requires a platoon of lawyers to decipher, and, doesn’t set a foundation to a new country. On the contrary, it contributes to dismantling one.

So, I ask the Left Wing Loonies, Just what were you thinking? Or, were you even thinking in the first place?


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