Conyers, what… where do I start?

Jesus Christ, these people must get more stupid by the day. I’m almost at a loss for words. This guy is perfect fodder for Jacks Notes. But there is so much, I hardly know where to begin.

Well, here we go. Do you want to know one of the many examples as to why I’m Conservative? Well, watch John Conyers, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, make a complete and total ass of himself here.

Yes, he said that. He actually thinks we are stupid. Well, he also forgot that there’s this little thing that Al Gore “invented” called the Internet, and on that, the World Wide Web, which allows us, the Great Unwashed, to look up and investigate what the low life politicians, like him,  say and do. So, even though he does know what is in the Constitution, he thinks we don’t or can’t find out.  I, Palomar Jack, classify him and any “Constitutional Scholars” that agree with him as morons with a lack of common sense in good standing.

You have a nice day, Mr. Conyers.

And yes, I know Algore did not claim to invent the Internet, but he did claim to be the main mover and shaker in getting it into “prime time”. All without knowing what TCP/IP or HTTP  is or what a browser is for, and probably still doesn’t.

Hey, but he does know how to spell “potato”.


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